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Healthy Food Swaps

​ These are all healthier and better substitutes for foods you are already having. Every little thing you do to move in a healthier direction, will add up and make a difference. ​ Here’s a few swap this for that ingredients. ​ SOY SAUCE Every time a recipe calls for soy sauce, I use either Balsamic Vinegar…

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Blueberry Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins

These are the yummiest protein muffins ever. I think its the combination of chocolate chips with blueberries that make these insanely good. They remind me of one of my fave healthy cookies… Blueberry Chip Protein Cookies. They are actually pretty quick to make and so so soooo tasty. I love that they are high in…

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Pregnancy Weight Gain – Good or Bad?

I always say it… Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The reality is, my prego friend…. Unfortunately, people will judge you and me no matter what we do. But what I don’t want to happen is that you allow haters, and judge-mental women to affect you this pregnancy. There’s so much judgement…

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The ONE THING That Increases Belly Fat During Pregnancy

“I am huge” “I look like a cow” “I hate my body” “I look terrible” ​ These are all things I often read in emails, DM’s, etc from prego’s all over the world. And IT.BREAKS.MY.HEART. ​ I know how hard pregnancy is… all around. On our emotions, our body, our time, our energy, our anxiety.…

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The Solution To Pregnancy Fatigue

If you have a time during the day where you just get so tired and sleepy and you also get cravings for something sweet, this is gonna be a game changer for me. ​ Even when I’m not pregnant, I still get super sleepy around 3-4pm. That’s also about the time I feel like eating…

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