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Cheat Days Make You Fat


If you normally have a cheat meal or day….. this is for you. If you don’t, then ready this anyways because I want to make sure you NEVER do. I hate the whole cheat day thing. And I know it goes against the grain as most personal trainers and fitness gurus live by them. But…

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Pregnancy Is Not The Time To “PAUSE”

Your life is NOT on hold mama…. Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean that you have to wait 9 months to work on you. So often I hear pregnant women say…. “I can’t wait til this is over” “When I’m not pregnant anymore, I’m going to XYZ” “I’m going to start working out after…

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Pregnancy Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars For Your Healthy Pregnancy Breakfast  One of the reasons why most pregnant women get MORNING SICKNESS is because they go too long without eating. It’s usually the “EMPTYING OF THE STOMACH” that makes you feel sick. I wrote a really great post on How To Prevent Morning Sickness, you will totally love…

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Healthy Pregnancy Cake Recipe

A Healthy “Cake” Recipe For Your Pregnancy Diet  Are you having “cravings” while pregnant? If you are, you are going to want this recipe.   It is the most delicious “healthy cake recipe” and you will feel like you are indulging but you won’t be hurting yourself or your baby during this pregnancy.  Did you…

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Healthy Pregnancy Oatmeal Casserole

Healthy Breakfast For Pregnancy Diet Are you waking up hungry or sick? Most pregnant women wake up feeling sick, and nothing is more horrible than starting the day sick because then you just don’t feel like doing anything. There’s one thing that has proven over and over to help prego’s not feel morning sickness, have…

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Infidelity Made Me A Better Mother & Wife

I was engaged when I found out my father was unfaithful to my mother. I was out of town about 2 hours away from home in sunny Key West with my soon to be husband when I got a phone call from my younger sister in the middle of the night in pure panic. “Dad…

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Customer Support Questions & Concerns

Refunds & Cancellations For cancellations or refunds, please email us at If you emailed us already for a cancellation or refund, please allow us 24-72 hours to get back to you. We serve thousands of women on a daily basis but do open and read EVERY SINGLE EMAIL. We will get back to you…

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Ezekiel Toast – BBAPP

This is a super healthy and easy breakfast. There are a few different ways you can top or accompany the Ezekiel Toast. Ezekiel bread is one of the healthiest options for “bread”. Here are the different options. Top with light cream cheese and spices (poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic powder).          …

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Flavored Oatmeal – BBAPP

I love oatmeal. And I love it plain with water and a little coconut sugar and cinnamon. But then I started jazzing it up and WOW! I like to switch it up. I don’t like to eat the same thing all the time because then I feel like I’m “dieting”. So here are a few…

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