Weight Loss & Exercise Tips

Balance Your Hormones If You Want To Lose Weight

Hormones affect every process in your body…. Sometimes people struggle so much to lose weight even though they are exercising 6 times a week and eating very little, and its because their hormones are out of balance and it’s literally like fighting a WALL. ​ Nothing will happen until you balance your hormones. So today, I…

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5 Tips To Lose Weight When You’re Feeling Stuck

Ever feel stuck with your weight? Like you feel as if you are trying…. eating right… exercising… but no changes. ​ Well, I want to share a few tips of things you can do to lose a few more pounds of fat. ​ 12 Hour Fast You know I don’t like depriving myself or dieting or…

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4 Tips To Getting Rid of Flab

We all have it… especially after having kids. So first of all, don’t feel bad about it. But I do want you know there are things you can do to reduce “flab”. First let’s talk about what flab really is. Because there’s FAT and there’s FLAB, and they are totally different. Fat you can reduce…

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The Best Morning Routine


Doing this will help you be more SUCCESSFUL in EVERYTHING you do. There is one thing I have learned in my 20 years in the fitness industry, and that is that the people that exercise in the MORNINGS, are the most consistent. I think the reason is simple………… Not a whole lot can come up…

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14 Day Clean Eating – ABS -Butt Challenge

  Isn’t it so hard to get motivated sometimes? I know that you probably know what you SHOULD be doing. Or…..  Maybe you are just tired of trying so many different things but with minimal results. Or…..  Maybe you have gotten results but as soon as you “stop”, you gain the weight back.   Start…

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The ONE Reason You Haven’t Reached Your Goal

Getting in shape is a CHOICE!   Eating healthy is a CHOICE!!  Exercising is a CHOICE!  I get so frustrated when I hear people say “I’m trying to get in shape”, “I’m trying to eat good”, “I’m trying to exercise”, “I can’t do it”, “I can’t stick to it”.  All of these things my friend are a CHOICE.  The problem is you haven’t decided to make that choice…….. for whatever reason.  Because as soon as you make that CHOICE….. results follow.  Why do…

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How To Triple Your Chances Of Getting Results

So here is what you are going to do if you are tired of those extra pounds on your body, and if you want to see some serious tone and definition. You are going to make working out a PRIORITY………yes my friend…..A PRIORITY!!!! Check out these tips to help you get your workouts in…………

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The 6 Steps That Will Finally Change Your Body

Have you set a goal of losing weight, getting toned, fit…………..to end up failing? You know what I’m talking about that moment when you say to your friend……… “I started eating right but it only lasted one month and then I fell off the wagon”. There are a million more excuses….you know exactly what they are.

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