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5 Tips To Lose Weight When You’re Feeling Stuck

Ever feel stuck with your weight? Like you feel as if you are trying…. eating right… exercising… but no changes. ​ Well, I want to share a few tips of things you can do to lose a few more pounds of fat. ​ 12 Hour Fast You know I don’t like depriving myself or dieting or…

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How To Reduce Any Baby Defects or Risks While Pregnant

“I just want a healthy baby”. How many times have you heard or said that? ​ Every pregnant woman’s desire is to have a healthy baby. Yet so many women really pay no attention to diet and supplementation. And I know I may sound like a broken record, but there literally is no more important…

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4 Tips To Getting Rid of Flab

We all have it… especially after having kids. So first of all, don’t feel bad about it. But I do want you know there are things you can do to reduce “flab”. First let’s talk about what flab really is. Because there’s FAT and there’s FLAB, and they are totally different. Fat you can reduce…

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Pregnancy Smoothie For A Protein Punch

Protein is one of the most important nutrients to have during pregnancy. Protein is essential to the proper growth and development of your baby’s tissues and organs (including the brain). Protein also helps reduce morning sickness. Reduces… even helps you get rid of cravings. Helps you feel fuller longer. Helps you build and grow muscle…

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How To Burn Fat During Pregnancy

Sounds weird to want to lose fat while pregnant, right? Thing is, you totally can and its perfectly safe for you and your baby. ​ Actually, it’s beneficial. Especially if you started pregnancy overweight. For the most part, if you start pregnancy overweight, your doctor probably told you he doesn’t want you to gain much weight. ​…

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7 Tips To Losing Belly Bloat

I looked 6 months pregnant the other day. Yep, after eating a meal of chicken, salad and broccoli. I couldn’t believe it. I legit looked pregnant and not only that…. the worst part of it is that it hurt. I felt so uncomfortable, I just wanted to lie down and go to sleep. ​ Ever feel…

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Lisa RubioIn 9 weeks, I lost all of the weight I “couldn’t” lose in 2 years . . . and MORE! I went from a size 8 to a size 4 and lost 13 pounds!  See her story here.

- Jodi Stoss



vaneI have lost 5% body fat, a total loss of 5 lbs of fat, and I gained 10 lbs of tight muscle!

See her story here.

-Vanessa Molina

suzyI have lost 10 lbs of PURE FAT, 17.5 inches throughout my whole body and an amazing 6.5% BODY FAT, in only 12 weeks!  

See her story here.

-Suzanne Bell

carMy husband and I joke that before I started doing Michelle's programs, I was a "skinny fat person." 

Yes, I was thin, but not lean.

Since I started following Michelle's programs  I have lost over 7% body fat!

I have lost 8.7lbs of FAT, How unbelievable!! For years, I was exercising (pilates, running, and spinning) but without the results.

Working with Michelle has motivated me to reach and attain levels of fitness I never thought possible! 

See her story here.

-Caryn Chenven

Lisa ChristofidisI have lost 21 POUNDS AND 26.25" and went from a size 10 to a size 2 all in just 5.5 months. I have more energy than I ever had not to mention I am more confident than ever both personally and professional.

I've never felt or looked better.

My friends and family have noticed the difference and my husband says I've never looked better and that is a compliment since we have been together for 12 years.

I am happier, healthier and have a better attitude and out look on things in general and am also more productive at work. What more could you ask for?

See her story here.

-Lisa Christofidis

EvaI have lost 10.5% body fat, 17.7 lbs of fat and 14.5". 

My body has changed more in this time with Michelle's programs than it has with over 15 years of "exercising on my own".

She has taught me that diet and discipline are just as important as my workouts.

See her story here.

-Eva Patel

debI have lost 12.5lbs of FAT a total of 8.6% BODY FAT. I have been working out for many years and I thought I ate pretty well, until I met Michelle; then I began following her food and weight training programs.

I have never been in such good shape as now.

Michelle's programs have made this process as easy as it can be.

See her story here.

-Debbie Pravato

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