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Pregnancy Weight Gain – Good or Bad?

I always say it… Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The reality is, my prego friend…. Unfortunately, people will judge you and me no matter what we do. But what I don’t want to happen is that you allow haters, and judge-mental women to affect you this pregnancy. There’s so much judgement…

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The ONE THING That Increases Belly Fat During Pregnancy

“I am huge” “I look like a cow” “I hate my body” “I look terrible” ​ These are all things I often read in emails, DM’s, etc from prego’s all over the world. And IT.BREAKS.MY.HEART. ​ I know how hard pregnancy is… all around. On our emotions, our body, our time, our energy, our anxiety.…

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How To Strengthen Your Marriage During Your Pregnancy

How To Strengthen Your MarriageDuring Pregnancy

  So many couples struggle through those hard months of pregnancy…. Pregnancy is a gift… Its a blessing….. It should build up your marriage, not tear it apart.   So after going through 2 pregnancies myself and having huge success with actually strengthening my marriage, I wanted to share some tips with you… Some things…

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Pregnancy + Working Out = Huge Pay Off

Pregnancy+Working Out=

    I was 30 years old when I got pregnant. I have to admit that though we wanted to get pregnant so badly to give Danny’s (my husband) mother a reason to want to continue to fight cancer, I was a little bit nervous. Not at the fact that anything could go wrong (…

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3 Things To Do 2 Weeks Before Your Due Date

3 Things To Do 2 weeks before due date

    Are you getting anxious about labor? Already stressing out about the lack of sleep and exhaustion?   What about your body? Already worrying about how hard it will be to lose your baby weight?   In both of my pregnancies, I couldn’t sleep for like the last 3 weeks because I was so…

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3 Tips To An Easier Pregnancy

3-tips-for-an easier pregnancy

I know that pregnancy is really hard.  So I want to share 3 tips to an easier pregnancy that has helped me and thousands of pregnant women.       I feel pretty confident that these 2 tips can really help you if you have been feeling down on yourself this pregnancy.   I just…

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