Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition

Healthy Pancakes For Your Pregnancy Diet

Getting a healthy breakfast in during pregnancy can be really tough. For the most part, women wake up feeling sick, nauseous or are just super tired and busy… And the last thing on their mind is BREAKFAST. Even though it should be the #1 thing when waking up. Starting the day with a good breakfast…

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Is Protein Powder Safe For Pregnancy?

Protein is the most important nutrient for pregnant women. Why? Well, because protein is what helps the development and growth of your baby’s tissues and organs (including the brain). It also helps carry blood supply to the fetus. Protein is incredibly important. And so many pregnant women have a hard time getting enough protein in…

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Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning sickness can be debilitating. Especially with the regular fatigue that comes with pregnancy. I got a little morning sickness in my 2nd pregnancy and I applied these 2 tips I’m about to give you and I was a different human. It helped so much. I share these tips more in depth in this video,…

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Best Tasting Pregnancy Protein Shake

If you are PREGNANT and having lots of craving, you feel hungry all the time and have a hard time getting enough PROTEIN in… you totally need this. And its gonna save you money because you will be able to stop buying and gagging (lol) on most the vitamins and pills you are currently taking.…

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3 Habits Every Pregnant Woman Should Have

  Pregnancy is no walk in the park. Actually, its really freakin’ hard!   Between the lack of energy, the crazy and rapid changes to the body, the million doctor visits, all the things we can’t eat, the sleepless nights, frequent visits to the bathroom, aches and pains…. it’s no wonder most women despise being…

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What To Eat After A Pregnancy Workout

what to eat after a pregnancy workout

What you eat after a workout is very important. Especially during pregnancy.   The main reason it’s important is for ENERGY purposes and REFUELING, but also so you DON’T BURN MUSCLE… which defeats the purpose of working out. When you workout, particularly RESISTANCE BASED WORKOUTS/WEIGHT TRAINING, you use carbs/sugar for fuel. So you basically deplete…

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How To Create A Healthy Pregnancy Meal Plan

  I didn’t know how much of an impact nutrition has during pregnancy until I started doing my own research. I mean…. my doctor told me to eat healthy but he didn’t tell me how much of what I ate while pregnant affected my baby in utero and how much better my pregnancy would or…

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