Pregnancy Exercises & Workouts

Tips To Have A Better Pregnancy Experience

Trust me, I know how hard pregnancy can be… While I did have one dreamy pregnancy that felt like everything went perfectly… I also had one that literally everything happened to me. ​ I had placenta previa and was on bed rest 4-5 months (dying I couldn’t be active, worried I would blow up like…

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Pregnancy Weight Gain & The Scale

I know its hard… I know it’s tempting to weight yourself all the time. But honestly, weighing yourself so much is just going to drive you crazy. It will make you do things that will end up hurting you instead of helping. ​ I know that it’s hard to see your body change so much and…

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3 Habits Every Pregnant Woman Should Have

  Pregnancy is no walk in the park. Actually, its really freakin’ hard!   Between the lack of energy, the crazy and rapid changes to the body, the million doctor visits, all the things we can’t eat, the sleepless nights, frequent visits to the bathroom, aches and pains…. it’s no wonder most women despise being…

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15 Minute Pregnancy Butt & Thighs Workout At Home


  The lack of energy during pregnancy is real! It’s not easy to make the time, have the motivation and energy to workout during pregnancy but its just so beneficial.   I was so afraid of pregnancy before I got pregnant. I was afraid of the weight gain, the labor, what would happen to my…

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Pregnancy Exercises That Help With Labor & Pushing

Does exercise really help with labor? Well, there are those exceptions of women who have exercised their entire pregnancy and still had long labors, but for the most part…. after working with over 120,000 pregnant women, I can tell you confidently that I think it does. I get posts after messages after emails of ladies…

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Short Pregnancy Workouts Are The Best


  A lot of women don’t workout during pregnancy because they don’t feel good, they don’t have enough energy, time….. It’s hard…. at least when you think of a workout having to be 60-90 minutes like most people do. But here’s the thing.   You don’t need a super long arduous workout in order to…

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