Pregnancy Exercises & Workouts

Losing Weight During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

This is the million dollar question I get asked almost on a daily basis. Losing weight during pregnancy, is it safe? And trust me, I am NOT judging. I’m not sure where you are right now, but I know that its hard and I get it. I hate when people judge women and say things…

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How To Lose the Belly Postpartum (even if c-section)

I have found that one of the biggest questions when pregnant is…“Will I be able to lose my belly after having the baby?” I want to answer that honestly for you… HECK YES! Mine actually looks better now after 2 babies than before getting pregnant. After working with over 200,000 pregnant women. I can tell…

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How To Gain Less Weight in This Pregnancy Than Your Last

In case you are feeling hopeless with the weight gain…. Savannah has a great story for you. She suffered from anxiety because her last pregnancy she had major complications and she gained 50-60 lbs. she said. She went into the doctors office a few weeks ago DREADING THE WEIGH IN. I totally know how that feels….…

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