Vegetables & Salads

Avocado Recipe

Avocado’s are incredibly good for you and eating them can help you burn fat. This baked avocado recipe is to die for.   There are tons more healthy and yummy snack recipes in my Monthly Meal Plan Calendar.

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Healthy Vegetable Recipes

  I know that it can get hard to eat a protein, a carb, and a VEGGIE every 3 hours……..well at least the veggie part is hard……I hear it from my clients all the time.  I don’t think it’s so much that it’s hard, but that people just don’t like eating veggies.  With these yummy veggie recipes,  you are going to start loving veggies.  At least that is what the ladies that do my BeFit Moms Meal Plan tell me.  After having so many easy and yummy healthy vegg…

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Green Veggies Healthy Recipes

Vegetables help us burn calories because the process of digestion takes a lot of energy which in turn burns tons of calories.  So make sure to include veggies in all your meals to increase your caloric burn and speed metabolism. At their peak right now are asparagus, green peas, artichokes and broccoli rabe.

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Diet Recipes For Protein, Carbs & Vegetables

I know how people get when they are “on a plan” or “on a program”.  That means they are “on a diet”.  People eat bland and boring foods because they think that is what it takes to get results.  But it does not have to be that way.  If you take the time to cook and be creative, you can eat healthy and delicious meals,and you will never realize your are “on a diet” with these diet recipes.   This is what the people who do my BeFit Moms Meal Pl…

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