Diet Tips

Balance Your Hormones If You Want To Lose Weight

Hormones affect every process in your body…. Sometimes people struggle so much to lose weight even though they are exercising 6 times a week and eating very little, and its because their hormones are out of balance and it’s literally like fighting a WALL. ​ Nothing will happen until you balance your hormones. So today, I…

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5 Tips To Lose Weight When You’re Feeling Stuck

Ever feel stuck with your weight? Like you feel as if you are trying…. eating right… exercising… but no changes. ​ Well, I want to share a few tips of things you can do to lose a few more pounds of fat. ​ 12 Hour Fast You know I don’t like depriving myself or dieting or…

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4 Tips To Getting Rid of Flab

We all have it… especially after having kids. So first of all, don’t feel bad about it. But I do want you know there are things you can do to reduce “flab”. First let’s talk about what flab really is. Because there’s FAT and there’s FLAB, and they are totally different. Fat you can reduce…

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7 Tips To Losing Belly Bloat

I looked 6 months pregnant the other day. Yep, after eating a meal of chicken, salad and broccoli. I couldn’t believe it. I legit looked pregnant and not only that…. the worst part of it is that it hurt. I felt so uncomfortable, I just wanted to lie down and go to sleep. ​ Ever feel…

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Healthy Food Swaps

​ These are all healthier and better substitutes for foods you are already having. Every little thing you do to move in a healthier direction, will add up and make a difference. ​ Here’s a few swap this for that ingredients. ​ SOY SAUCE Every time a recipe calls for soy sauce, I use either Balsamic Vinegar…

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4 Tips To Help You NOT “OverEat”

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. The biggest reason women have a hard time losing weight is because even while they are exercising… they are eating too much. Most of the times its not even eating “bad foods”. A lot of time its eating too much. OVER EATING. ​…

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