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5 Tips to Avoid EXCESS Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight gain in normal and necessary during pregnancy. It’s the “excess” weight that I want to talk about avoiding today because if you are not careful, you will quickly pile on an extra 30 lbs. and those are the ones that are insanely hard to lose postpartum. First, let’s break down the actual weight you need…

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How To Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy

        I want to show you how to control weight gain during pregnancy when you can’t or don’t want to exercise.   Because I did it my second pregnancy, I only gained 20 lbs and barely moved!             My first pregnancy was a dream.   I felt…

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Total Body Pregnancy Workout

You’re tired, you’re hormonal, you feel huge and you can’t wait to feel and look like yourself again.  I get it!  But if you do this, you will feel and look so much better and it will help your pregnancy go by so much faster.  Which is why I want you to try this total…

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Best Exercises For Pregnancy

best exercises for pregnancy

The Best Kinds Of Exercise For Pregnancy  Exercise and Pregnancy is what you should be thinking about right now if you want to reduce aches and pains, reduce swelling of ankles and feet, improve sleep, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, improve mood and reduce labor and delivery time.  How much more motivating can it be to exercise while pregnant? I know!

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Pregnancy Core Exercises, Good or Bad?

pregnancy core exercises

Pregnancy Core Exercises, Good or Bad?  I think this is a question that most pregnant woman wonder about as soon as they find out they are pregnant.   For the most part, each doctor is different, but first consult with your doctor and get clearance to exercise and perform core exercises.  Once you have clearance, get movin’ girlfriend.

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Pregnancy Workout For Every Trimester

Pregnancy Workout For Every Trimester  P  Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.  I know not every woman can say this, but if you feel good about yourself when you are pregnant, the chances of you feeling good and enjoying your pregnancy are much higher.  So, my dear pregnant friend, if you have not been working out, my advice is get movin’ girl.

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8 Things to Do to Prevent Excess Pregnancy Weight Gain

Every pregnant woman is always concerned with the “weight gain”.  And though you should be cautious of it, you don’t need to be crazy about it.  Obviously, its lucrative to gain weight during pregnancy in order to sustain the baby’s life so just embrace the fact that you are going to gain some healthy weight so that your baby can grow in a healthy and apt environment.

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Prenatal Fitness: Exercises You Can Do While Pregnant

Prenatal exercises to have a healthy and fit pregnancy

Prenatal fitness should be a part of every pregnant woman’s weekly regime.  There are so many benefits to exercising during pregnancy.  And these benefits are not only for during your pregnancy, but they will help during delivery and help you get in shape post-partum, much quicker.  Now thats motivation to exercise while pregnant. I exercised both my pregnancies and I feel that because of it and because I made healthy choices when eating, I was able to quickly get in really good s…

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Prenatal Exercises For The Thighs

prenatal exercises for the thighs

Prenatal Exercises For The Thighs  Prenatal Exercise should be a part of every pregnant womans life.  There are so many benefits to exercise during pregnancy that you would be crazy not to take advantage of it. Check out all the benefits here:  Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy. You don’t have to spend countless hours exercising, if you would just invest about 3 hours per week, you would get amazing results and benefits.

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