What To Do While Pregnant to Lose Your Baby Weight 2 Weeks Postpartum

43 years old and she had a baby 11 days ago….

And wait until you see what she looks like.

I love sharing these stories with you, because sometimes it’s hard to believe that you, yourself could potentially get results like this.

And I know… I know…

I’m like a broken record telling you all the time how important exercise is during pregnancy and what a huge impact it has not just on how well your pregnancy goes, weight gain, energy, etc…

But also, on HOW FAST you lose your baby weight and recover postpartum,

Are you ready to see her pictures.

Keep in mind… she is 43 years old.

It’s insane how amazing she looks 11 days after giving birth and is a testament to what you could achieve if you do the right kind of workouts and do them consistently.

Don’t you just love her look and her post saying, “no excuses-just results”.

What an inspiration to have a child over 40 years old and be healthy and fit and recover sooooo fast.

Gosh, she must…. her hubby must be so proud of her.

I mean…. seriously… her belly is flat and look at her gorgeous baby….

Can you imagine you look like that 11 days after having your baby.

Gosh, it makes me so excited to share this because I want you to see the possibilities.

So many women don’t think they are even capable of getting their body back.

A lot of them because they had prior pregnancies in which they are still struggling years later to lose the baby weight.

That’s why a lot of the moms doing Fit Mom to Be Program are on their 2, 3, 4th pregnancy and don’t want to make the same mistakes.

I hope you see what you are capable of.

Even if you have a c-section, you can still see good results. Read about more success stories here.

Now check out Samantha….

 she was 1 pound below pre-pregnancy weight 5 weeks postpartum which is also amazing.

I can just imagine how proud she is and how much easier it is to do daily things when you feel so good.

THIS COULD BE YOU, my friend.

She was terrified as she says in her post of what could happen to her body….

But she didn’t just sit there being worried. She exercised.

She was proactive and did the Fit Mom To Be Program.

And as you can see, she only did it for about 3 months and still got these results.

So it doesn’t matter when you start, what matters is that you start.

Resistance based workouts are literally a game changer for pregnancy.

Just 3 workouts a week.

Can you commit to that to be able to feel stronger, tighter, less weight gain, faster delivery, faster recovery?


This next fit mom had done just one phase (4 weeks) and already was feeling STRONGER and more FIRM.

That is how great these workouts and community really is.

Are you getting motivated?

Are you seeing how worth it, it can be?

Plus, being a part of a community is so incredibly helpful.

And we have the best community of moms… literally!!

  • No matter what trimester you are in.
  • No matter how much weight you have already gained.
  • No matter how much fatigue you feel right now.
  • No matter how achy you have been feeling.

Please know that all of that can change in just a few weeks.

I want you to have these kinds of results.

I want you to message me and tell me how insanely quick your recovery was and how strong you felt throughout your pregnancy.

It doesn’t matter if you only have 2 months left of pregnancy.

  • Do it.
  • Work on you. Your Body. Your Health.
  • It will pay off in dividends.

Plus, you will be getting yourself in a good habit of making exercise a part of your routine which will make it so much easier on you once the baby is here to make the time and space to practice self-care…

Cuz it only gets harder.

But those who are able to create the habit DURING PREGNANCY.

Are way more successful at doing it after.

You got this mama!

Now let’s get moving and commit to yourself to doing this.

Click Here to start Fit Mom To Be & Have A Fit & Strong Pregnancy!

Do you feel like it’s too late? Check out these exercises you can do during pregnancy.

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