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I want to show you how to control weight gain during pregnancy when you can’t or don’t want to exercise.


Because I did it my second pregnancy, I only gained 20 lbs and barely moved!








My first pregnancy was a dream.


I felt great, I exercised my entire pregnancy, had no complications and ended up gaining only 20 lbs.


Then my second time around I thought I would breeze through………..


Then at about 3-4 months…… BAM!


“You have Placenta Previa, and are to be on a strict mild bed rest”.


My heart sank.

I cried.

For hours.

I was scared.



how to control pregnancy weight gain




“I don’t want you exercising at all”, the doctor said.


“I don’t want you driving, or picking up your son, or groceries, I don’t even want you to stand much”……..  He said.


I couldn’t believe it.


Exercise was my sanity and I know how much it had helped me not only to control weight gain during my first pregnancy but I know how much it helped me have a faster labor, have less aches and pains, be in a better mood, sleep better, move better.





I was sooooooooo bummed!


I was in disbelief.


I started thinking of all my friends that I saw after having their baby and they still looked 5-6 months pregnant.


I remember thinking of their horror delivery stories.


And I remember that when I first heard and saw all those things is when I vowed to myself to exercise during my pregnancies and not let myself go.


I was so upset.


But thank goodness that I am a “look at the glass half full” type of person.


After a few days of feeling sorry for myself, pouting around and being upset, I decided to do everything else that I could in order to control pregnancy weight gain, and to feel healthy and fit.


Pregnancy Nutrition Tips


Ok, before I give you a few guidelines, I want to give you some pregnancy nutrition tips because the reality is that if you exercise but don’t eat right, your results will be limited.


You have to control what you eat and not use this pregnancy as an excuse to “Eat For 2”.  I mean you don’t by any means have to diet.  I certainly didn’t and I did allow myself some splurges.  I would eat a bagel a week which I normally don’t when I’m not pregnant, I usually stick to oatmeal which I love.  But you just have to make GOOD CHOICES.  You should want to anyways because everything you are eating now is affecting your little baby.  So make good choices girlfriend.


So here is what I’m going to do for you.  I’m going to give you a NUTRITION GUIDE with exactly what to eat, all the RECIPES, good SNACK OPTIONS, etc.  So that you can get an idea of how you should be eating during your pregnancy so that you can be healthy, be creating the best possible environment for your baby, and so that you don’t gain EXCESS WEIGHT so that you are not super uncomfortable all during pregnancy and feeling huge and self conscious.  And so that you can lose all your baby weight fast postpartum.


I made this 2-Week Nutrition Guide to give away for FREE to all my pregos because I work with so many in my Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program that always have so many NUTRITION questions.  So, I figured I would make this in an easy to read, print and follow way to help you take the guesses out of how to eat optimally during your pregnancy.



Pregnancy Nutrition Guide



If you follow it and you EXERCISE, you will not just have a great pregnancy but you will feel CONFIDENT, RADIENT, GLOWING.  You won’t be uncomfortable and have aches and pains because you’ve gained so much weight.  You will have an easier labor and delivery.  You will sleep better, have more energy.  And you will seriously decrease your chances of falling into POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION.


I can’t wait for you to get this Nutrition Guide, the recipes are amazing, and there are so many different options for snacks. You are going to love it.  Download it here (It’s totally FREE):  PREGNANCY NUTRITION GUIDE.


Also, please make sure that you are not eating foods that are contraindicated during your pregnancy.


They can be harmful for the baby and for you.


Foods Not to Eat During Pregnancy




You can print it and keep it with you in your kitchen or purse as a reminder.


And make sure to download the sample pregnancy diet plan I have for you, its 2 weeks of healthy recipes, snacks and exactly what to eat during pregnancy.



Download Checklist




How To Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy







I have been a fitness and health expert for almost 20 years, and I know that 80% of results come from diet.


So since I was not able to exercise, I decided to get myself on a really good PREGNANCY DIET PLAN.


That is when I created my MMF Pregnancy Diet Plan E-Book.


I created it out of my own need to control weight gain when I couldn’t do what I knew could totally help me have a fit and healthy pregnancy………..  EXERCISE!


When I finally got my Placenta Previa resolved, I fractured my toe and was on crutches, again not able to exercise.


It was terrible.


Seriously, I was 6 months pregnant and following a toddler around in crutches……..   Horrible 🙁




During my first pregnancy I did my Fit Mom To Be Workout Program.


Which I also created for myself during that pregnancy.


These are the kind of results I got because of it, that is me with my baby at about 4 days postpartum.


I almost looked back to normal……….  Its freakin crazy what exercise can do during pregnancy.



I was so freaked out at the HORROR STORIES from other pregnant women saying how:


  • Uncomfortable and terrible they felt.

  • Pregnancy ruined their body.

  • They gained over 60,70, 80 lbs.

  • They got stretch marks and cellulite.

  • Long their labor was.



how to control pregnancy weight gain








So with my almost 20 years of experience working with women of all ages and creating amazing workout programs, I created the best types of workout routines for pregnancy.


And because of it I only gained 20 lbs during pregnancy.


Listen, I don’t know where you are at.


I don’t know if you like to exercise or not.


I don’t know if you were over weight to begin with or not.


But regardless of where you started or where you are right now, YOU CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR PREGNANCY.


It’s not too late if you have already gained what you think is a lot.




Starting right now..



Pregnancy Exercise Benefits


If you CAN’T EXERCISE, like I couldn’t my second pregnancy, you can control it with a good pregnancy diet plan.




And if you want to look so darn good and feel incredible and lose your baby weight super fast and do everything you can to make sure you create a healthy environment for your baby to flourish in, then you can do both.


All I can tell you is that you don’t have to be a victim of this pregnancy.




  • You don’t have to suffer through 40 weeks like people say.


  • You don’t have to RUIN your BODY.


Look at me, I was able to do it both ways.


And I know you can too.


And it really isn’t a lot of work.


  1. My workout program is simply 3  30-60 minute workouts per week, that is less than 3 hours out of 168 hours in a week.

  2. My diet plan is easy to follow, the meals and recipes are soooooooo delicious, you will love it.



You will love having a guide to follow, a coach to support you through it, and a community of women just like you going through it together.



I want to encourage you to TAKE ACTION.


Do something about how you are feeling.


I know you don’t feel good about yourself right now.


But you can feel way way way better if you do one or both of these things.


Listen, my prego friend, you can go online and research pregnancy workouts and piece together workouts that you can change around every 4 weeks, changing the workouts monthly is huge for seeing results.   Theres tons of stuff online, just research to make sure the creator of the workouts is legit, has studied exercise, the body and pregnancy.  



But if you don’t have the time or energy to do that, you can just use my Fit Mom-to-Be Workout Program.


You can look online also for what foods are healthy and which ones are PROHIBITED during pregnancy and find some recipes online and create your own pregnancy diet plan.


And do a little research on what nutrients are important to add to your diet during pregnancy.


But if you also don’t have the energy or time or you want to make sure you do the right thing, you can just download my Pregnancy Diet Plan and start it right now.



How to control weight gain pinterest



Watch this short video, I think you will really be able to relate!





Regardless, look at what some women have said about how to control pregnancy weight gain through exercise and diet.






If you start my pregnancy workout program, I will see you inside the program.  

I have lots of tips for you and I can’t wait for you to see all the videos of the exercises.

Send me YOUR BUMP PICTURES, would be great to compare with after you have your baby….

So you can see how fabulous you will look.  


I would also love to feature you and your beautiful bump.


Send them to



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Fit Mom To Be Workout Program


Click here to start the Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program so you can have a really good, safe and effective pregnancy workout plan that you can do for the rest of your pregnancy.


Pregnancy Diet Plan


If you are struggling with what to eat and different options that are SAFE for the baby and won’t make you GAIN WEIGHT, you will totally enjoy and get great use of the MMF Pregnancy Diet Plan.

  1. Full Meal Plan for entire pregnancy (know exactly what nutrients you and baby need).
  2. Increase energy & decrease fatigue with the best food combinations.
  3. Easy Kid-Friendly Recipes that will save you time in the kitchen.
  4. Helps reduce cravings so you eat healthier and gain less weight.
  5. Yummy and comforting meals so you can still enjoy eating.


It’s not too late to SLOW DOWN & LESSEN your Pregnancy Weight Gain.

Pregnancy workout promo


If you exercise, you will see a huge change.  

Less weight gain, not as fast and you will feel tighter, more fit, more energetic and less fatigue.

If you don’t want to spend 6-24 months postpartum losing your “BABY WEIGHT”, invest a little time, energy and possibly resources into your health and fitness this pregnancy.  It will be so worth it when you are back at your pre-pregnancy weight in less than 3 months and feeling like yourself again.

If you need guidance, support and a safe exercise plan, you will love my Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program (tested by TENS OF THOUSANDS of pregnant women). 



And you can do it for your entire pregnancy (its not just a 12 week program).Photo Mar 11, 9 26 02 PM

Here is what you can expect:

  • Less Weight Gain
  • Less Stretch Marks and Cellulite
  • Faster Labor & Delivery
  • Faster Postpartum Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Less Aches & Pains
  • Less Chances of Gestational Diabetes
  • Better Sleep



What You Get:

  • Monthly workouts that change every 4 weeks (which delivers the best results).
  • No gym is required (2 versions available: home and gym).
  • Exercise Videos & Pictures of every single exercise.
  • Can view, access and download on any smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • Private Facebook Group for support, community and questions answered by Michelle Marie.
  • Monthly pregnancy nutrition tips to help you throughout your pregnancy.


To start your pregnancy workouts, click here:  Fit Mom-To-Be






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