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5 Tips to Avoid EXCESS Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight gain in normal and necessary during pregnancy. It’s the “excess” weight that I want to talk about avoiding today because if you are not careful, you will quickly pile on an extra 30 lbs. and those are the ones that are insanely hard to lose postpartum. First, let’s break down the actual weight you need…

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Monthly Home Pregnancy Workout

Pregnancy Workout

This is me after my second baby (she was about 4 months there). But don’t let this picture fool you………  I still had the same fears you do.   As soon as I got pregnant the first time, I started worrying about the weight gain.  I wondered if I would gain a ton of weight and get…

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4 Week Pregnancy Workout Plan

4 week pregnancy workout plan

There are not a lot of safe, effective and easy to follow pregnancy workout plan’s out there.   But what is SAFE? And how can you get your biggest bang for your buck?  I know you don’t have a lot of ENERGY so what workout can you do just a few times a week and…

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Pregnancy Workout Challenge-14 Day Jumpstart

14 Day Pregnancy Workout Challenge

  You are a pregnancy workout away from starting to feel so much better about your pregnancy, your body, your energy, your health and your confidence. Welcome my PREGO friend!  I’m so glad that you are up for doing this 14 Day Pregnancy Workout  to Jumpstart your Health & Fitness during such an important time!…

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Toning Pregnancy Workout To Help You Lose Baby Weight Fast

I know how hard it is as a woman to see your body change so drastically and so fast. But what I have found is even harder, is when its been 6-12 months postpartum and you still look pregnant.   I tell you this because for years I have been working not only with pregnant women but with women who have had children years ago and still have a pooch and are 10-20-30 lbs over weight.

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Super Fit Pregnancy Workout

The best thing you can do during pregnancy is EXERCISE. I can’t tell you enough the difference it can make in your mood, your healthy, how you enjoy your pregnancy, your level of comfortableness (is that a word LOL)….. Not only have I experienced 2 amazing pregnancies because I exercised throughout them.

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Safe & Easy Pregnancy Workout

Not only is it safe to workout during pregnancy, but it is crucial if you want to experience minimal aches and pains, have energy, sleep well, and have a speedy labor and delivery.  Oh, and if you want to get in pre-pregnancy shape in record time. I am such a huge advocate for working out during pregnancy, not only because I am a trainer and I know how beneficial it is but because I have been through 2 pregnancies.

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Pregnancy Home Workout For The Thighs

Working out at home during pregnancy is so much easier than getting to the gym.   I mean most of the time we aren’t feeling too good and between work and shopping for baby LOL, it’s so hard to find the time. I actually worked out at home a lot during my second pregnancy.

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