Wild Rice & Chicken Casserole – Healthy Recipes

Wild Rice & Chicken Casserole- Healthy Recipes 

Everyone always has chicken, brown rice and broccoli for like every meal when “TRYING TO EAT HEALTHY”.  But truthfully, it won’t be long before you get bored of eating the same bland and boring food and start opting for the dreaded “binge”.

Now I’m not saying don’t eat chicken, brown rice and broccoli.  Sometimes I have that myself and enjoy it. And it is a good meal.  But eating the same thing all the time isn’t optimal.  Not only is it not optimal because it is not good to eat the same thing all the time because mentally you feel “on a DIET”, and will not be able to be as consistent.  But it is good to vary the foods you eat so that you have a variety of nutrients in your diet.  

And…….. If you enjoy what you eat all the time and eat something different, then you don’t feel like you are on a DIET, and then you can eat well more consistently, which in turn will get you BETTER RESULTS.

I love eating chicken but I enjoy it in different ways.  I can’t stand to just eat grilled chicken all week.  Yuk!  One of my favorites is my Spinach Dip Marinara Chicken, insanely good 🙂 and my Tomato-Basil Cream Chicken is even more to die for!  I hope you give them a try so you can see that you can eat healthy, get results and never feel like you are “DIETING”.

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By the way, if you have been trying to eat healthier and you have been exercising consistently but you haven’t seen great results, you may be eating some foods that are preventing you from BURNING FAT EFFECTIVELY.

There are some foods that may seem healthy or ok to eat but they really aren’t!  And if you eat them, you may not be able to lose weight at all, no matter what you do.  

I have had clients that started and said they had been stuck for a while and as soon as they took these foods out of their diet they started losing weight and getting leaner immediately.  It’s crazy!

So, before I continue and give you this delicious recipe, I want to give you a list of these 5 foods.  
I actually put them in a nice PDF for you so you can download it, print it and keep it in your kitchen as a reminder.  I also went ahead and added in there the 5 foods that you MUST eat on a daily basis in order to be able to lose fat and gain lean and toned muscle.  So click on this link to get the PDF, make sure to print it! 

That is why I wrote my book Eat To Be Fit.  It has over 300 Healthy Recipes with every food you can imagine (that is healthy of course).  I wanted to show people that it is possible to eat healthy and enjoy what you eat and get good results.

So I want to show you how I took the same ol’ chicken and rice and made it yummier and still super healthy.  I did this in a CASSEROLE.  Which you may think how the heck can that be healthy……. Well, you will see.  And what is great about these is that they are versatile and you can add in any veggies you want and you can even use turkey instead of chicken.

This is a great dish because it has the carbs and protein all in one.  

Remember that CARBS aren’t your enemy.  If you eat the right carbs, at the right times and the right amounts, they will actually help you get better results.


See why here.

Check out some substitutions after the recipe to make this recipe a few other times with other ingredients.

Wild Rice & Chicken Casserole


2 lbs chicken breast, chopped

Grill seasoning to taste

1 cup wild rice

1 cup jasmine rice

1/2 cup carrots, chopped

1/2 cup onion, chopped

1 cup celery, chopped

4-5 garlic cloves, chopped

1 cup plain Greek yogurt

chicken or vegetable stock (low sodium) – to desired consistency

sprinkle of Parmesan cheese

Optional:  shredded cheddar or mozzarella cheese for top


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Meanwhile, in a large saute pan with a little stock, brown the chicken with grill seasoning.  Add in all the veggies and garlic and cook until softened.  At the same time, cook both rices together as per instructions.  In a small bowl, mix the yogurt with Parmesan cheese and thin out with stock until it is like the consistency of a roux.  Then mix the rice mixture into the chicken and veggie mixture ad mix well.  Fold in the yogurt sauce and mix until well incorporated and sort of creamy.  Pour into a casserole dish and sprinkle with cheese on top (optional).  Bake for ~ 15 minutes.

This is absolutely delicious.  And the best is that you can use whatever veggies you have on hand.  You can use summer squash and zucchini, or mushrooms and onions, or peppers and spinach or broccoli.  This is also great to make when you have left over veggies and left over rice.  Just make the chicken or turkey and scramble all the leftovers together, make the sauce and VOILA!

You can also use brown rice or quinoa  or even brown rice pasta.  Its all just as delicious and super healthy.

Pair this up with a nice salad and you have one yummy and healthy dinner with plenty of left overs.

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