Why You Get Cravings In The Afternoons & How To Prevent Them


Have you been trying to lose weight but you can’t get the eating thing down right?

Do you feel like CRAVINGS are what’s killing you?


For a lot of people, cravings … well, giving in to cravings is what prevents them from losing weight.

Actually, a lot of people feel like they don’t eat a lot, and their meals are pretty healthy and they still can’t lose weight.


But when we dig in further…. they are picking or snacking on foods that aren’t good in between meals.

I usually find the same problem when people have issues with cravings and the good news, is that it’s pretty simple to solve.


Does this sound familiar?

Wake up:  wait as long as possible to eat breakfast and just drink coffee and water to fill up.

Finally eat breakfast and then wait as long as possible to eat lunch and then try to opt for a salad or a NO CARB MEAL.

Still hungry but try not to think about it.. drink more coffee, water, tea… chew gum and wait as long as possible until dinner.

Get to dinner famished, eat your healthy dinner and then after dinner snack on crackers, cookies, chocolate.. anything satisfying.

(maybe even snack on unhealthy stuff between lunch and dinner because you were still hungry – but it wasn’t a good option)


Have you tried to lose weight in the past by eating less and less only to crave and binge more and more?

It happens all the time, so don’t feel bad about it.

But let me explain why this is the wrong thing to do and what you can do instead to kill those cravings and be able to eat in a way that makes you feel full and satisfied while still burning fat.

Sound good?


What happens when you try TO NOT EAT OR EAT LESS AND LESS

You are slowing metabolism.

When you eat and eat often you speed metabolism, causing your body to burn calories all day long.

If people knew this…..they wouldn’t try to NOT EAT! You are missing out on burning a ton of calories.  The process of digestion burns calories (of course given its the right foods).



Why You Get Cravings In The Afternoons & How To Prevent Them



What else happens?


You end up binging! When you don’t eat, your blood sugar goes down. When that happens you CRAVE SUGAR! It’s not only a crave…… it’s what your body needs.


So of course, what you want is a piece of bread, or candy, or chocolate, not a piece of chicken or broccoli lol.

So, though you struggle all day to not eat, and you are pretty impressed and proud of yourself around 5pm for barely eating……around 6pm you start looking for stuff to MUNCH ON!


You know exactly what I mean….. A few nuts, a handful of chips, a piece of bread, a few m&m’s, a handful of grapes, a spoonful of leftovers….etc…….


Come on girlfriend, don’t kid yourself….you know you do this (and don’t feel bad about it)….we have all been there.


You like how I included myself in there? Yes, my friend, I have done it too…..and it doesn’t work! Trust me, if it did, I would be telling you to do it!


What’s the RIGHT WAY?

Eat often! Eat small meals every 3-4 hours and don’t let yourself get hungry.

A meal should include:

  • A lean protein: chicken, tuna, fish, turkey, egg whites.
  • A starchy carbohydrate: oatmeal, sweet potato, brown rice.
  • A fibrous vegetable: asparagus, arugula, broccoli, zucchini.


If you eat every few hours, you will NOT get low blood sugar….which means, you will not get those horrible cravings!

Your blood sugar drops when its been too long since your last meal.

At that point, your body is screaming for sugar…. CRAVINGS…


You end up eating less calories by eating good meals every few hours, than starving all day long and binge eating at night or eating “bad calories”.


So get to cookin’ girlfriend!

Pre-make some meals, and snacks!

Have them readily available! I promise the pounds of fat will start shedding because you will be speeding up metabolism so that you can burn calories all day and you will be killing those cravings.


Listen, I’ve been there before.….  

When I didn’t know exactly what to eat and when.  

When I didn’t have meals planned and prepped.  


It was so much easier to fall off the wagon.  

But once I started really planning my meals on a recurring basis (as in every week at the same day and time), I really started sticking to it.  Not only that, but I realized I was actually enjoying what I ate, versus always feeling like I was on a diet. 


I give lots of strategies and systems that make eating healthy and speeding metabolism much easier inside Fit Mom For Life


I found that I was able to eat healthier more consistently and the consistency was what gave me massive results.  

Results like never before.  Even after having 2 kids, less time to workout and more stress…..  I am in better shape than I ever have and if you can apply some of these strategies, you can too. That’s why I added so many strategies and systems inside Fit Mom For Life, because I know that it takes way more than a diet and a workout to see lasting results.


I get that its annoying and time consuming to make a meal plan every week.  At least one that varies every week so you don’t feel like you are dieting.  One with the best foods for fat burning and the best balance of nutrients.  It does take some time, thought and patience, and knowing…


Which is why I created Fit Mom For Life.

I’m crazy about the Meal Plans inside there…. because they changed my life, and I have seen hundreds of women who have used them, change theirs and they’re families.  

I seriously still follow these plans to this day.


I rather it take a little longer to lose the weight, but not be starving and miserable and also be able to keep it off.


Good luck


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