Why “TRYING” Not To Eat Carbs Doesn't Work

Why “TRYING” Not To Eat Carbs Doesn’t Work 



I know you’ve done it!

Maybe you are even doing it right not.

You know, “trying” not to eat carbs in an attempt to LOSE WEIGHT.

I don’t blame you, I mean it’s what everyone does when trying to DIET.

And though, it does work for SOME people, it’s not the solution for most.

And because food is such an emotional and psychological thing, most people fail with their “Diet Attempts” because they cut them out the wrong way.

First of all let me clarify that YES, as soon as you cut out carbs, you see initial weight loss.  But the weight loss isn’t necessarily FAT.  You see, for every 1 gram of carbs you ingest, you hold on to 3-4 grams of water.  

What does that mean?

Well, it means that as soon as you cut out carbs, the initial weight loss is WATER not FAT.

Carbohydrates are a NUTRIENT, actually a MACRO-NUTRIENT.  Basically that means that it is ESSENTIAL for life.  Which means,you don’t eat carbs, you die.  Ha ha, just kidding, but basically.  At least that’s how I feel when I cut out carbs.

Carbs is what give you energy.  It is your body’s main source for FUEL (energy).  Which is why you probably feel weak, tired and cranky when you cut them out.

Truthfully, after over 17 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and working with thousands of women I have come to an over all conclusion and that is that cutting out carbs on a long term or consistent basis doesn’t work.

Now, there are strategies I use with my clients to manipulate carbs throughout the day.  Varying the amounts of carbs and times of the day to eat them.  But always for a short amount of time.  And always working it into the eating plan that FEELS GOOD, that WORKS, that makes you feel SATISFIED.  

Because the moment it doesn’t feel good, that is the moment you start falling off the wagon and eating CRAP.  

It takes a long time and a lot of work and really being in tune with your body to figure out how much carbs are good for you, which ones, at what times, etc.  But its possible.  I do it all the time with my Online Coaching Clients and with the clients I see in person.

But when you find the right formula, its amazing what you can do with your body and do it while not feeling deprived or like you are dieting.


By the way, here is a really great blog post on how to stock your PANTRY, FRIDGE AND FREEZER the healthy way.  I give you 3 lists you can print out and always have at home.  You will be able to eat so much healthier if you have all of this on hand.  See the lists here:

You see you can’t DEPRIVE yourself for too long.

It’s impossible.

Don’t try and make excuses in your head right now, like oh but I don’t need carbs, I don’t care for them, I can eat the same thing everyday and feel fine, I can eat 700 calories a day and be fine.


There is no way.

Listen, one thing about me is I have major strong WILL POWER.

But I have tested it over and over and it doesn’t work.  

Even someone with amazing will power can’t sustain this kind of low carb diet on an ongoing basis.

You have to find out what carbs are good for you and what quantities and at what times.

It takes time and testing, but when you do, you will see amazing results without feeling hungry and cranky all the time.

Here is what happens when you TRY not to eat carbs:

When you don’t eat carbs or really even when you go too long without eating carbs, you have LOW BLOOD SUGAR.  

When this happens, your body basically starts screaming for sugar.  

It really needs it in order to create homeostasis in the body as low sugar is your body in a state of stress.


Your body is saying feed me SUGAR, CARBS and now.

 At this point it is incredibly difficult to have will power.

So this is where people mess up.

You wake up with the best intentions of eating healthy, dieting and you are not going to eat carbs.

So you wake up and eat some egg whites.  Then you go for a workout to that darn ONE HOUR CARDIO CLASS, only to burn MUSCLE because you have no fuel in your body.  Then you run around some more because you are a busy mom so you are running errands, staying active and continuing to burn that beautiful and so hard to get muscle you have been working so hard for.  

By the way, check out what kind of EXERCISE burns more CALORIES, here.

By the way, losing muscle makes it way harder for your body to burn fat as muscle is the actual place in the body where fat is burned.

Lunch comes around and in an attempt to continue to “Diet”, you eat a salad.  No Carbs again…..  You are so proud.  You are hungry, but you are making it, woohoo!

A few hours pass and you are famished so you throw a few nuts in your mouth but God forbid you eat some carbs.

Then dinner comes around and by this time you are so carb depleted and fatigued and you have low blood sugar and feel terrible but you need to have will power so you plan on eating fish and vegetables for dinner.

But it starts creeping in…….  the cravings, the hunger……  You just can’t take it anymore.

So you eat your fish and veggies and all of a sudden you find yourself in the kitchen eating cookies, crackers, your kids brownies, fruit, anything you find in your pantry.


At the end of the day, what you BINGE ATE at the end of the day ends up being way more calories than if you would have just eaten some oatmeal with breakfast, a fruit for snack and some sweet potato with lunch.  And you wouldn’t have had to feel hungry all day.

Here is a super yummy and super healthy Carb Recipe if you want to try it.  Its my Guacamole Quinoa Salad and its to die for.  

I see this all the time. 

And then people don’t understand why they can’t lose weight.

For some reason they have selective memory.  All they can remember is the horrors of the daily non carb eating but seem to forget the binge eating or out of control eating or eating poor choices at the end of the day.

It’s not worth it!

Instead of trying to cut out carbs completely, try eating a very small portion of carbs at every meal or at least 3 of your 5-6 meals a day.  If you learn to eat them moderately and you learn which ones are good for you, then you will still lose weight and get great results while eating carbs.  

And you won’t have to be a GROUCH all day!

Most of the time, its not the CARBS that are stopping you from losing weight.

Most of the time its the other foods you are eating.  There are so many foods that are super inflammatory that they prevent you from losing weight.

Some of these foods you may think are healthy but they are not and if you are eating any of those foods you will not lose weight.

I made a list of those inflammatory foods for you and put it into a nice PDF, and I included it with the FREE 30 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan that you can download HERE.  

Its the 5 foods you should completely avoid when trying to lose weight.  I also added the 5 foods that are crucial to eat if you want to lose weight and be able to get lean and toned.

You can print it and put it in your kitchen as a reminder.

This will help you way more than cutting out carbs.


So, tell me………

Is this you?

Have you done what I talked about here?

No need to be ashamed.  Thats what society has been taught.