Why Motivation & Will Power Will Hurt You More Than Help & What to Do Instead

You CANNOT get in shape, lose weight, tone up, get healthy with “MOTIVATION” & “WILL POWER” because both of those are not constant, they fluctuate and are NOT RELIABLE.

​What’s reliable is DISCIPLINE.
What works is CONSISTENCY.​

​People ask me all the time…“how do you get the motivation”?
I don’t!

​I’m not always motivated, and I don’t always have will power.

I am human, just like you.
Sometimes, I get tired, burnt out, lazy, sick, busy or overwhelmed.

​Thing is, I have learned that there is never a “right time” or “perfect time”.

Often friends or clients will say things like:

  • I’ll start when my kids aren’t so busy”
  • “When the season is over”
  • “When they get to high school”
  • “After the holidays”
  • “When work slows down”
  • “When my kid isn’t sick”

There will never be a time when you aren’t tired, or sick, or overwhelmed or busy.​

There will always be something to steer your motivation and will power.

Having 2 busy kids, I lose my motivation often. LOL.

Crazy weekdays schlepping kids everywhere and then even busier weekends with tournaments that by the time Monday comes again, I feel like I need another weekend.

But I never miss a Monday workout… NO MATTER WHAT

Because I have a plan and that plan includes a weight workout Monday – Friday and 2 cardio workouts.


I rely on my discipline and CONSISTENCY to get the results I want.

I also wrote a post on how to accomplish more AS A BUSY MOM. Check it out here for more tips.

​​If you have a plan and you are disciplined with the plan, you will succeed.

You don’t need to eat perfect and workout 7 days a week in order to get really amazing results and be super fit.

​Actually, I tried the perfection thing with diet, and it didn’t work…

But I do eat consistently clean 75-80% of the time.

I do have the discipline to not eat out Monday- Thursday.
To not have alcohol other than 1-2 times a week (on the weekends).

I do have the discipline to not eat gluten or fast food, or processed foods.

​It is rare when I do those things and when I do, it’s in moderation.

​If you are struggling with feeling good about yourself, if you have tried the whole perfection diet or exercise thing and you haven’t gotten results…

​​If you are waiting for the time, you have motivation and will power and the “perfect time to start”…. STOP WAITING, cuz its not gonna happen girlfriend.

Things will always come up, especially if you are a mom.

​​What you CAN control is your plan and your discipline.​

Start with creating a plan for your workouts and your nutrition. Then create a plan on how you are going to be disciplined and consistent with them both.


So, reply to this email and tell me what excuses you have been giving yourself as to why you haven’t been consistent with exercise or your nutrition.

I would also love to know, if you are ready to say goodbye to motivation and “HELLO” to creating a plan you can be disciplined with.

What is that plan?

When are you going to do it?

I always try to make my plans in a way I can do them in a recurring fashion.

  • Monday -Friday at 8am I do my workouts.
  • Every Saturday, I make my meal plan for the week.
  • On Sunday I buy the groceries and prep for the week
  • First thing in the morning, I take my supplements when I drink my coffee.

Doing things in a recurring manner helps me be more consistent and disciplined.

So, give it a shot, shoot me this email and give me your recurring and consistent plan to attack your health and fitness goals.

If it’s the plan you’re struggling with…

I can help you in that department.

My FIT MOM FOR LIFE PROGRAM has all the exercise, nutrition, fat loss strategies, meal planning, cooking, mind set support you need in one place.​

You will see that making your plan and being disciplined is CRAZY-EASY you almost can’t fail.

Here’s the link for more details and everything that’s included in the program. You can even try it all now for $1!


See ya inside:

Don’t forget to reply with my questions from above.

It will do 2 things…

Release any shame you have in not achieving your goals or not being where you want because talking about them makes it lose its control over you.

And giving me your plan will help with accountability.

​Need some help snapping out of laziness? I’ve got a video for you!

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