Why I Don't Eat Salads & How Eating Them Makes Me Fatter

Do you EAT SALADS all the time in an attempt to “Eat Healthier”?

So many people do this.  

They want to start eating cleaner, or they want to lose weight so they just eat salads all the time.

Salads are great!  They are super healthy and super nutritious, and some of them are even super yummy.

A long time ago, I used to eat salads all the time.

I mean, salads are like the epidemy of health right?

I had certain places I loved going to lunch to because they had yummy salads so I found myself wanting to go there all the time.  

Some of my favorite places are Offerdahls, Salad Creations………  But, really, at that point in my life where I was struggling to get my body to where I wanted it, I ate salads everywhere I went.  I mean, it seemed like the best possible choice right?

I mean, a salad has to be healthier than a plate of pasta or a sandwich, and it has to also be healthier than a piece of chicken or fish with vegetables which is probably cooked in tons of oil.  So, is it really the best option?

For ME, it isn’t.

And listen to me CAREFULLY.…..  I an NOT saying that for you it doesn’t have to be the best option as well, but I do want you to hear me out because in my explanation, you may find some truth, and you may find that this may work for you better.  You may relate with me, you may see this in another light, and you may find that you will get better results, like I did when I stopped eating so many salads.

Again, BEWARE, don’t be going around saying that MMF told you not to eat salads and that they aren’t good for you. What I’m saying is that for me, they aren’t they best and I’m about to tell you why.  And what I am saying, is that you may find this for you to be true for you too and you may get better results like I do.

But before I tell you all about why EATING SALADS actually makes me FATTER,  I need to make sure that you know a few things.  

Because if you are not eating the proper things and you are consuming foods that are very inflammatory, you will not get results no matter what you try to do.  So let me share with you a list that I compiled of the 5 FOODS that you should absolutely get rid of in your diet if you would like to see any kind of results.  Because eating these foods cause so much inflammation in your digestive system that its close to impossible to lose weight.  I also have a list of 5 FOODS that are crucial for you to include in your diet if you want to be able to burn fat and build lean muscle.  I will give these PDF lists to you for FREE and a video with what I have found to be the 5 BEST ABS EXERCISES.  The ones that I have done to get ABS that I never had before (after 2 babies). Here is the link to get all of this: PDF & ABS Video

Ok, so, I love salads, and I really enjoy them when I eat them.  

I love a nice crisp refreshing salad with lots of different greens like arugula, and spinach and crunchy romaine.  But the problem is…………….

That an hour after I eat the salad, no matter how big it is, I am freakin’ HUNGRY again.

But I don’t mean, like a little hungry, I’m like STARVING an hour or so later.  It’s like I didn’t even eat. 

So what ends up happening, is that I eat again, or I start PICKING or GRAZING at food…….

You know what I’m talking about……..  a pretzel here, a piece of fruit there, a few bites of protein bar, some nuts, a cookie, your kids snack, your kids left over.…..  Come on, you know you’ve done it like me too!

So at the end of the day, I end up eating MORE CALORIES because its like I ate a meal and a snack all at once.  And when you are hungry and IN YOUR HEAD it hasn’t been long enough, then you ATTEMPT, pay attention to the ATTEMPT to not eat because you know you just ate, but that just makes it worse because then you keep nibbling and nibbling to “NOT EAT A WHOLE OTHER MEAL”, to just end up eating so many more calories.

I did this for years!

Yep, I ate salads like everyone else, all the time, to try to be healthier.

I also didn’t feel satisfied all the time, like everyone else.

I also ended up eating more crap like everyone else.

And then people wonder…………  Because I get this all the time from clients………

“I don’t know why I can’t lose weight, I eat salads everyday”.

Ummmm, well, did you forget to tell me that you also in between that salad and the next meal, went in your pantry and fridge 3 times?

Well, one day, I finally figured it out!

Salads, though I loved them, and though they are healthy and nutritious, were just not the best thing for ME to eat.

So I started eating more MEALS.  As an meal with chicken and rice and vegetables, or turkey meatloaf with quinoa and avocado.  Yes, for LUNCH!

And what I found was that I was way more FULL.  I felt way more SATISFIED.  And I was able to make it to the next meal without feeling hungry.  Feeling hungry and feeling like “YOU CANT EAT”, is the worst feeling.

It was amazing.  And I know it seems rather simple and logical but it took me years to figure out.

And some people still eat salads to this day even though they feel the same way I do. 


Well, because its the healthy thing to do.  It’s what the trainers and doctors and nutritionists tell you right?

But I ask you…….

Does it work for YOU?

That is what is important in this whole FITNESS & HEALTH JOURNEY.

It can be great and work for others and they may get great results, but again, does it work for you?

Start thinking more.  Start being more in-tune with your body, with your mind, with your emotions.  

Eating is a very EMOTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL thing.  

And when and only when you can master and control how you feel with how you eat and what works for you and when……  And realizing that sometimes, things change…..  You change, your schedule changes, your stress level changes, your lifestyle changes……  When you learn to ADAPT and CHANGE (God forbid you change), the way you eat according to these things, well, then YOU WILL BE IN CONTROL.

And you will get the best results ever!

I have, and I do.  And I won’t lie, and I don’t mean this in an arrogant way.  Because I have not felt this way always.  But it feels so darn good to be in control of my body and my results.

I want the same thing for you!  You can do this, but it takes practice, it takes commitment.  You won’t get it the first week or maybe even the first month, but if  you keep working on it, you will get it.  It just takes finding a plan that works for YOU.

I follow my own BeFit Moms Meal Plan.  I follow it because it works for ME. I follow it every single day of my life and it works for me, I enjoy it, I feel satisfied, my family likes the meals too.  It works for US.

I have hundreds and thousands of people who also follow it and get great results… amazing results.  And then I also have had some people who it hasn’t worked for.  Hey, everyone is different.  But the lesson here, is to try things, and keep trying different things until you find what works for you and your family.

If you want to give My Meal Plan a shot, go ahead.  I love it, obviously.  And most of my clients get great results.  But we are the kind of people who love food, like to enjoy what we eat, don’t like eating the same food all the time, don’t like feeling like we are dieting, are willing to invest at least 30 minutes a day to cooking, have families.  These are the types of people that love the plan and get great results.

If you aren’t like this, I’m not saying you shouldn’t at least try it, but I am saying, it may not be for you.

But keep on truckin’ girlfriend, until you find the plan that works for you.  And then remember, that one day, things can change.  So, be OPEN to CHANGE.

By the way, since I do love salads, I still eat them but not as a meal.  I have them as a complement with my food. So I love to eat salads like this with my dinner.  This is my favorite kind of salad.  I actually make it all the time and I love to eat with chicken, fish, turkey and rice, quinoa, anything.  So I always have one of the ingredients in my PANTRY.  Yep, in my pantry, so that I an always whip it up when I want a yummy salad.  And it doesn’t take a lot of chopping to make.  Here is the recipe if you want it:  MMF’s Favorite Salad.

By the way, here is the link to this recipe on PINTEREST.  

I have tons and tons of healthy recipes and all my workouts nice and organized for you on boards so that they are easy to find.  So if you are on Pinterest, make sure to go to this link and hit FOLLOW ALL so that you can easily access them.



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