When Can You Exercise After Having Baby


When Can You Start Exercising After Baby


The first moment you get a glance at your belly and postpartum body after the minutes or hours of joy of holding and nursing your little bundle of joy is quite horrifying.


I mean, you figure the baby and placenta are out so it should kinda all go back to normal pretty quickly, right?




And its a bit depressing.


I remember seeing so many friends have their babies and seeing them several months later and literally being freaked out.

They looked worse than when pregnant.

Huge pooch, jiggly…..  actually…… jiggly all over.


I was very blessed.

Because I was so freaked out at seeing what happens to most women during pregnancy, I set out to do When Can You Start Exercising After Babyeverything I could to have a healthy and fit pregnancy, which is how I ended up creating my Fit Mom To Be Pregnancy Program.  


So I really didn’t gain much weight during pregnancy (20 lbs), and was able to lose it extremely quickly.


And after that created my Better Body After Pregnancy Program, which is my postpartum program.


So, after labor, like, literally minutes after, I looked like I was just bloated from a period.


The nurses couldn’t believe it.

They said they rarely see women actually walk out of the hospital in their jeans……  I did 🙂


And I don’t say that to brag, I say that to give you hope!

There is so much you can do soon after having your baby to help you recover and get your body back quickly.


I documented everything I did and coupled that with my 20 years of experience as a health and fitness expert, along with my 7 years of working with pregnant women, and created my Better Body After Pregnancy Program.



Many women are told that they can not do anything for 6 weeks after having the baby.


But the guidelines of the ACOG have changed and they now allow for exercise within days postpartum, depending on they type of delivery, level of fitness of mother, etc.


Click here to see what the ACOG guidelines are.


Here is the excerpt if you don’t feel like skimming through:


Screenshot 2017-03-22 13.03.38






So it is now a myth that you can not exercise postpartum.


How exciting is this?
This means that you can start feeling better about yourself and your body, and your moods can get better sooner.


It’s the best news!


I know how hard it is postpartum to see your body so different than before you got pregnant.


I remember touching my belly and looking at it and being like………….  “WHAT THE HECK”……


  • Will this change?
  • Will it ever go back to being flat?
  • Will my skin look better?
  • It doesn’t even feel right………  Will that change?

I had so many questions.

Which is why there is a whole section in my Better Body After Pregnancy Program that goes over how to tighten the skin and tighten the belly.


Postpartum Challenge Banner


There is so much you can do right away so I just want to give you some hope today, that if you are still pregnant and are freaking out about what’s to come, don’t worry…………  You will be able to do something about it and sooner than you thought.


And if you are postpartum right now, you can start doing something about your body, pretty much as soon as you want.


There are many benefits to exercising quickly postpartum.


  • Improved Cardiovascular
  • Better Mood
  • Faster Recovery Postpartum
  • Faster Weight Loss
  • Less Chances of Postpartum Depression
  • Reduced Aches & Pains
  • Better Posture
  • Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles

Every woman is different and every woman experiences delivery differently as well.

So it is up to you and how you are recovering and feeling as to if you can exercise or not.


I started my structured resistance based workouts around 6 weeks postpartum, but I started doing some exercises that are safe and super effective within days postpartum.


These are some of which are in my Better Body After Pregnancy Program with videos of how to do them all, when and how much.


  1. Heel Slides
  2. Hip Extensions
  3. Kegels
  4. Leg Raises
  5. Supermans
  6. Walking


When Can You Start Exercising After BabySo, how do you feel?


If you have stopped bleeding, and you are not in pain, there are several exercises that you can do that will help reduce your belly, help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles so you don’t pee all over yourself in the future when you run, jump or cough LOL.


It will also help you if you are experiencing lower back pain or hip pain.






I’m so glad that the ACOG is now encouraging exercise postpartum without such a long wait.


Which is why in my Better Body After Pregnancy Program there is an entire section on “PREPARATORY WORKOUTS” .  Workouts you can do safely and effectively immediately postpartum.


The girls doing the program are loving having this little plan and are seeing great results from it.


Here are a few tips when starting to exercise soon postpartum.



  • Make sure you have medical clearance from your doctor.
  • Make sure you are eating enough (especially if nursing, eat at least 30-60 minutes before exercising).
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Don’t wake up extra early to exercise (choose a happy baby time to sit them in a swing or somewhere they can be up and watching you….  try not to use naps for workout time yet).
  • Get some accountability from your hubby or a friend.
  • Try to do your workouts around the same time of day so it becomes habit.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, you will get stronger really quickly and will be able to progress.


I hope you are feeling encouraged!When Can You Start Exercising After Baby1


Please know, that no matter where you are, whether that is 10 lbs away from your pre-pregnancy weight or 50 lbs away, you can still not just lose it all, but actually look better than before.


I have helped thousands of women do so and you are no different, my friend.

You just have to make the decision and commitment to do something about it.


I love listening to all the girls in our Private Facebook Community, a bunch of moms and moms to be on a mission to get their bodies in great shape, feeling confident, healthy, balanced……   The encouragement and motivation and accountability to each other is WOWZERS……  amazing.


If you start the Better Body After Pregnancy Program, you will get instant access to it and will be able to see for yourself.


Feel free to drop a comment and let me know when you will start exercising and commit right here and right now  🙂


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