What You Can Do While Pregnant to Make Sure You Lose the Baby Weight Faster

I remember when my friends started having babies and I hadn’t yet.

My first friend to have a baby made the biggest impact for me.

I remember going to see her baby at 6 months and she still looked like she was 6 months pregnant.

Now, I know that we all go through pregnancy and postpartum differently.

And I know that we need to give ourselves grace and that pregnancy is dang hard.

But I couldn’t help myself but freak out a moment.

I mean, if you are anything like me, you have spent a great majority of your adult life dieting, exercising, trying the next new workout, supplement or gadget in order to lose a few more pounds. While also trying to and get in better shape and feel comfortable in your own skin.

It seems like most of us women are always on that mission, lol.

 I had worked so hard most of my life to finally get to a place, I felt good about myself. After trying so many different diets and workout classes, etc. I finally found a balanced way to exercise and eat and lost weight and got in shape.

I was so scared to lose all that work. I mean….it took a long time and a lot of effort.

Do you feel me?

When I saw my friend, not only did seeing her impact me…

Listening to her impacted me.

She was so down on herself; I could tell she wasn’t herself.

She kept saying…. “I’m so mad at myself for letting myself go while pregnant”.

“If I hadn’t gained so much weight, I would have lost it all already. This is so hard, Michelle” – she said.

That was a pivotal moment for me.

Aside from the fact, that I had already been a fitness and health coach for over 10 years at that time (over 12 years ago).

I now knew without a doubt that I needed to put forth some effort and not let myself go when I got pregnant.

I really feel like that experience is what gave me the desire and drive to have a healthy and fit pregnancy which led me to create a whole business around pregnancy.

All of that to say, my friend … exercise… eat healthy… invest a little time, energy, resources on your selfcare this pregnancy.

I can’t tell you how many women have told me the same thing my friend did…. They regret not being proactive.

Thing is… it’s insane what is possible in just a few workouts a week and just being mindful of what you eat. There are safe ways to get stronger and more toned during pregnancy, read more about it here.

I want to share a few stories with you of women who decided to be proactive and are now rejoicing and feeling amazing about themselves shortly after having their babies.

Meet Megan!

Can you imagine wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans just 2 weeks after giving birth?

That can be you, girlfriend!

Meet Kayla!

I mean look at her 10 days after having her baby.

That is just insane but its the norm for my ladies in the FMTB program.

And labor… oh thats a whole other story that continues to blow my mind.

For so many years they said that exercise has no impact on labor and delivery, but the last few years I hear daily from hundreds of ladies who say their doctors and nurses correlate their exercise regime to their fast and smooth labors.


Not having to struggle for months or years to get your body back and being able to feel like yourself again so quickly.

Meet Brittany!

A first time mom who WOW’ed her doctor and nurses for how fast her labor was.

FTM’s tend to have way longer labors.

Not my FMTB moms…. the norm these days is they amaze the doctors and nurses with how fast their labors are. 🙂

Meet Erica 

Her labor & delivery nurses attributed her labor success to her exercise regimen. And like this I have tons of messages.

What resistance-based workouts do for pregnancy and postpartum recovery is unparalleled to any kind of exercise.

It is so worth it.

Putting in a little time and energy every week for the rest of your pregnancy is going to have significant results on the rest of your pregnancy, labor and how fast you recover postpartum.

  • I hope you are inspired.
  • I hope you see from these ladies that even starting late in your pregnancy can give you great results.
  • I hope you see what is possible EVEN WHILE PREGNANT.

And I hope that you will take the step and make the investment in yourself and join us in Fit Mom To Be.

There is a huge community of amazing moms and moms to be waiting to support you and be there for accountability.

Click here to join FMTB & Start being proactive about your labor & how fast you get your body back!

Curious about the workouts? Check out these workouts for toning the arms.

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