Weight Loss Workouts To Get In GREAT SHAPE

Summer is almost over and the kids and everyone will be back to routine.

That means its time to step it up with your Fitness Goals.

You probably set some goals during the holidays, have you achieved them?  Are you anywhere near reaching them?

Summer is a hard time to stay focused because of vacations etc.

But its over and now you have to COMMIT to a new EXERCISE & NUTRITION program.

You can achieve whatever goal you want.  YES you can lose weight, get toned, get ripped…….but you must COMMIT!

I have devised a 


for you.


• Schedule 3 workouts per week.  Pencil them in your calendar right now.
• Schedule 1 day a week to
plan a food menu and for grocery shopping, this will help you stay equipped with healthy meals and options for each week.
• Schedule 2 days with 3 days in between to
bulk cook.  This will prepare you with meals all weak so that you are not stuck making bad food choices.

3 Weight loss Weight-Training Workouts:

3 full body weight-training workouts.  Weight-training will help build lean and toned muscle which will help you burn MORE FAT!  It also burns TONS of CALORIES during the workout and most importantly POST WORKOUT.

• Start with 1 exercise per body part
• 20 repetitions
• 3 sets
• 30-60 seconds of rest in between sets

If you have no idea where to begin creating the weight-training workout, check out my program MMF MONTHLY WORKOUTS  With this program I devise specific weight-loss workouts just for you every month to ensure you continue to get inamazing shape.  

What’s best, I know you are busy so the workouts only take 30 minutes.  To find more info on them click here:  MMF MONTHLY WORKOUTS


Food Planning:

Grab a recipe book, cooking magazine or spend a few minutes online looking for healthy recipes that you can make to help you stick to your “diet”.  Write them out in a weekly menu form.  If you don’t have the time to do this, I will help you.  Check out the following link to see hundreds of healthy recipes that TASTE GREAT and are EASY and QUICK to make.  In this book“Eat to be Fit” are hundreds of recipes compiled for you to help make your life easier.


Girlfriend, just make the time!  It will be worth it, when you are enjoying delicious meals, LOSING WEIGHT, and not even realizing it.

These healthy recipes and planning tips and workouts are great for post-partum women, busy moms, working moms, and any woman who wants to lose weight and get toned.

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