Vanessa Molina

This is a hard testimonial to write. Not because I wouldn’t have enough to talk about, but I don’t know if I will do it justice. Often you set goals for yourself and hope that you have the dedication to reach them Sometimes a lot of us need a little push. This is when I realized a trainer was just what I need it. When I started working out with Michelle I was hoping to get a couple of hours a week of good physical workout, what I didn’t know was what a great human being was going to help me do it. You see, Michelle has pushed me time and time again because she knows what you’re capable of doing, many times I don’t even know if I’ll make it thru the workout. Her famous encouraging words like “yes you can, Uh huh, Dale (which means let’s go in Spanish), suck it in, shoulders back, keep your posture, stick your butt in”, Oh my you cannot get one by her. She has mastered how to be a great teacher, listener, motivator, and often she’ll put up with hearing what a crazy morning you’ve had. She does all this without loosing sight of what the main goal is for you that day. When your time starts with her it’s all about you. Many times you run into people that will help you along, not often will you find someone like Michelle that will do it with knowledge, care, constant motivation, and actually help you get results that just keep you coming back for more. Michelle, thank you for 3 years of great workouts, great results and great friendship!!

I have lost 5% body fat, a total loss of 5 lbs of fat, and I gained 10 lbs of tight muscle!!





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