Tips To Have A Better Pregnancy Experience

Trust me, I know how hard pregnancy can be…

While I did have one dreamy pregnancy that felt like everything went perfectly…

I also had one that literally everything happened to me.

  • I had placenta previa and was on bed rest 4-5 months (dying I couldn’t be active, worried I would blow up like a balloon lol)
  • I had pregnancy induced hypothyroidism.
  • I fractured my toe and was on crutches at 6 months pregnant for 8 weeks.
  • I got the flu.
  • Had tons of testing because they saw things in the 20 week ultra sound that made them think baby had chromosome disorder (waited 3 LONG weeks for results).

It was a mess!

But even with all those set backs, I still ended up enjoying my pregnancy and making the best out of it.

I also ended up gaining the same amount of weight I did for my first pregnancy even though I wasn’t allowed to workout for most of it.

I had to do some major mind set shifting and really embrace all these trials and be grateful for what was going well.

With all that went wrong, you would think I hated being pregnant.

But I didn’t.

I did what I could to make myself enjoy it.

  • When I was able to exercise, I did… and while it was a total of probably 3 months of exercise, it made a huge difference.
  • I ate super healthy so I could have energy and feel good.
  • I did affirmations.
  • I prayed and wrote gratitude things in my journal.
  • I practiced self-care.
  • I took supplements.
  • I surrounded myself with happy people.

While there are so many things that make pregnancy hard and even crazy hard to endure, there are still so many things you can do and achieve even while pregnant.

Look at Kathleen, she was strong while pregnant.

I hear from so many women who say things like… I was so strong before pregnancy, or I was just starting to get strong and then I got pregnant…

And they lose hope and feel like they have to wait until AFTER pregnancy to get strong again.


You can totally get strong while pregnant.

That will help you tons with labor and delivery and also with managing the baby.

It will also help you jump right back to what you used to be before pregnancy.​

Have you given up on being strong this pregnancy?

It’s not too late, my prego friend :)​

Check out this post, on how to get in shape even when you have no energy.

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So my question to you is…..

  • What are you not doing this pregnancy because you are waiting until baby is here?
  • What mind set shift do you need to make in order to enjoy it more?
  • What kind of self-care can you practice in order to feel better about yourself?
  • Who do you need to talk to in order to get in a better frame of mind?
  • What exercise routine do you need to start so you can reduce your overall weight gain?
  • Can you tone up?
  • Can you gain more energy?

I bet you would never think to do a race while pregnant, but look at Abby, not only did she complete a 5K race, but she gained half the weight she gained her previous pregnancy.

​These are the things I think most women don’t realize are possible.

Maybe this is your 2nd, 3r, 4th pregnancy and you gained an amount of weight you weren’t happy with and now you think you can’t do it any other way.

It’s possible…. and Abby here is showing you that.

So many ladies struggle with pregnancy because they have a hard time with the weight gain, body changes, fatigue.

But they give up on being proactive while pregnant.

I could have done that.

I could have said “screw it” I had placenta previa and was on bed rest and then I was on crutches… I’ll just workout after baby..

But I didn’t.

At 30 weeks while on crutches, I crutched around the gym working out.

I did upper body like 3-4 times a week.

When I got the boot off, I only had about 5 weeks left, but I didn’t say “screw it” only a few weeks left, Ill workout after baby.

No, I was grateful for those 5 weeks and I used them to exercise and eat healthy and be the best I could be in those few weeks.

And they made a difference.

Those weeks I was able to workout again, I had more energy, all the aches and pains I was having went away, my mood was SO MUCH BETTER, my weight gain leveled off, I even toned up.

What are you not doing because you think it’s too late?

Have you stopped going to get a facial or massage?

If that makes you feel good, do it.

Have you stopped or maybe never started to exercise and you think it’s too late?

Its not… look how little time I had and I still did it and saw results from it.

Did you give up on having a fit pregnancy because you think its not possible?

It is.

I love how Tasia says she feels toned and healthy.

That is rare for a pregnant woman to say, but most my ladies in the Fit Mom To Be Program usually say they are in better shape while pregnant than before.

That is what is possible, my friend.

So don’t wait until after pregnancy.

You can make some great changes now.

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Have you stopped going on date nights with your husband?

Go now!

Have you stopped seeing your friends?

If that fills you up and makes you happy….. set some plans up.

Have you given up on having a good pregnancy because you have headaches and no energy?

You don’t have to go the rest of your pregnancy feeling that way.

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to feel or look better or have a better experience.

You are not stuck.

There are always things you can do.

Like Ana, who thought she had to go another 20 weeks with headaches, not sleeping and feeling bad about herself.

But here she is living her best life and enjoying her pregnancy.

I want you to enjoy yours too.

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Look at Suzanne, she talks about how exercising has made the pregnancy experience better than the last.

This right here is what I want for you.

If this is NOT your first pregnancy and you are not feeling great, I want you to know that this time it can be better.

You don’t have to be a victim of your first pregnancy experience.

If you are proactive and change your mindset, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve while pregnant.

I can’t wait for you to join Fit Mom To Be and start seeing some great changes.

And if you are already a part of it, and maybe you have slacked off or haven’t started, I hope you are motivated to start and be more consistent and excited about the possibilities.

Maybe its a mind set change you need or some tweaks in your diet or maybe some more time to do things you love… I hope you start.

If you’re ready to start working out, here is a video on the best exercises to tone the thighs.

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