Tips For Making Smoothies -Timing, Ingredients & Much More

 Tips For Making Smoothies- Timing, Ingredients & Much More

You probably don’t know this, but there is actually a science behind making smoothies. 

There are certain ingredients that you should not add to your smoothies at certain times and for certain reasons.  

Did you know that?

And there are also certain ingredients you should add if you want a certain result, like gaining muscle for example.

I know, crazy…….

But its the truth so just be happy you can use this post to make sure you are adding the right ingredients to your smoothies and having them at the right times.

I thought about writing this because I had an old client reach out to me today to ask me a few questions about protein shakes and smoothies.

He wanted to know what to add to his protein shake in order to “sweeten” it more.

I first asked, are you having this for a snack or for post-workout?

He said post-workout so I proceeded to tell him to not sweeten it and suck it up.  Um, you do not need to waste extra calories and sugar by adding agave to your post-workout shake just to get it to taste better.  If it was for a meal, thats a different story.  I would want you to enjoy it and feel satisfied so I may have given him some options.

If you ever have any questions, you can ask me on My Facebook Page.  I post daily workout videos, healthy recipes and tons of weight loss tips.  I also hang out there all the time and answer questions.   I love connecting with my peeps.

Before I give you these tips, I need to make sure that you know a few things.  Because if you are not eating the proper foods and you are consuming foods that are very inflammatory, you will not get results no matter what you try to do.  So first things first because I know that you are probably here because you want to get leaner, get stronger, get healthier, lose fat, gain muscle….one of them or all of them. 

So let me share with you a list that I compiled of the 5 FOODS that you should absolutely get rid of in your diet if you would like to see any kind of results.  Because eating these foods cause so much inflammation in your digestive system that its close to impossible to lose weight.  

I also have a list of 5 FOODS that are crucial for you to include in your diet if you want to be able to burn fat and build lean muscle.  I will give these PDF lists to you for FREE and a video with what I have found to be the 5 BEST ABS EXERCISES.  The ones that I have done to get ABS that I never had before (after 2 babies).  Go to this link to get all of this for FREE: PDF & ABS Video

You may think its crazy but tweaking little things like the tips I’m about to give you when drinking protein smoothies can make a big difference.

In the last few years, after having 2 kids, I am now in the best shape of my life.  Yep, after having kids I’m in better shape than before going through 2 pregnancies.  

The reason why is because I’ve made many little changes that have given me big results.

Things like getting rid of the 5 foods I just mentioned, and adding a few supplements and watching the timing of certain foods like these protein shakes and smoothies.

Rules For Timing & Ingredients When

Drinking Protein Shakes and Smoothies

1.  If you want to add fruit (sugar) to your smoothies, the best time to have them is POST-WORKOUT:

Actually, it is beneficial to have some sugar along with your protein post-workout because it will help protein synthesis so that you can replenish glycogen stores (energy lost during workout).  This will help you gain muscle better.

2.  Adding fruit to a protein smoothie pre-workout may not be such a good option as it could POSSIBLY increase insulin in your body which suppresses the only hormone in the body (glycogen), that hormone is the hormone that is in charge of releasing fat cells.  If you don’t release them you can’t burn them.  So eating high amounts of sugar pre-workout may not be the best option.

3.  Adding fat to your smoothies POST-WORKOUT is not a good idea.  Fat slows absorption and what you want post-workout is fast absorption.  So adding chia seeds, flax seeds or meal, avocado, almond butter, etc. to your smoothies post-workout is not a good idea.

4.  If you are having a protein shake or smoothie as a snack, then adding veggies like spinach or kale and fat like  almond butter or chia seeds would be a great idea.  It will help you stay fuller longer so that the drink will hold you over to the next meal.

5.  Adding glutamine to any of your shakes will help reduce inflammation in your digestive track which helps you burn fat more effectively.

6.  Always make sure to add protein powder to your smoothies.  It helps decrease the glycemic index of the drink as well as increasing metabolism and helping you build muscle.  I use Prograde, I order it online.  Its a really good quality and super affordable.  Having poor quality protein is not even worth drinking.  It can do more harm than good.

Pretty crazy all there is to think about when making a simple smoothie huh?

Here are a few of my favorite smoothie recipes.  

I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to just smoothies and protein shake recipes that are all super yummy.  Go there now and be sure to hit FOLLOW ALL on My Pinterest Page so that you can get easy access to all the boards.

Protein Smoothie That Reduces Belly Fat

Strawberry Almond Bliss

Mocha Banana Split Protein Smoothie

Skinny Vanilla Latte Protein Smoothie

I hope you try these! 

I personally love protein shakes for post-workout drinks, not necessarily for snacks.  Its a personal reason, it just doesn’t fill me up.  I’m a foodie, so I always rather grub on some food.

I know its hard to eat 5-6 meals per day, so smoothies are a good, quick and easy option.

But listen, when you have a plan and great and easy recipes, its actually super easy to eat those 5-6 meals a day.

I tell you that cuz I follow my own advice in my Fit Mom For Life Program and its great because I don’t have to think every day about what I’m going to eat, the ingredients, etc.  I look at it once a week, get everything a I need, prep and that is it, takes me just a few minutes daily to get all my meals ready.  

It rocks.

If you would like to free up some of your time and release some frustration when it comes to feeding your family healthy meals and figuring out what healthy meals will help you lose weight but actually taste good, let me save you time and frustration….


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