The Yummiest Coffee Lactation Smoothie

If you are looking for healthy and EASY recipe you can make to help increase your milk supply, this one may just become one of your favorites.

I remember being nervous about drinking coffee with my first baby but 1 cup of coffee a day is safe and you don’t have to worry with this recipe because we are using instant coffee and there is so little caffeine in the little you are going to use.

With my second baby, I would have 2 cups a day and she came out perfectly healthy and I nursed her for 16 months.

This is the perfect breakfast and also pick me up snack because of the coffee but also because its high in protein so it makes you feel fuller longer and holds you over to the next meal.

It also really satisfies that sweets craving.

All of my moms love using mPower Protein Powder in their smoothies both while pregnant, breastfeeding and beyond.

It is a super clean whey protein, that also has a medical grade multi-vitamin/prenatal in it and it is doctor formulated.

It has no artificial sweeteners or flavors and it is insanely delicious.

soft and chewy cookies for your pregnancy diet

You don’t need to get very complicated when making recipes to help increase your milk supply.

Especially when making smoothies.

There are a few of my go-to ingredients that are great for increasing milk supply.

  • Oatmeal
  • Flax
  • Brewer’s Yeast
  • Coconut: coconut oil, coconut flakes, coconut milk

These foods are super easy to add to any smoothie.

A few other ingredients that are great for increasing milk supply are:

  • Garlic
  • Chickpeas
  • Fenugreek
  • Yogurt
  • Sweet potato
  • Fennel
  • Milk Thistle

I find some of these ingredients harder to use in a smoothie or healthy baked goods so I like to stock up on the first list to use in smoothies and healthy baked goods and then just supplement with the others.

There are great supplements out there for milk thistle and fenugreek that you can just pop a few pills once or twice a day or have a tea and get the benefits.

Also, very important is to drink a lot of water and eat enough nutritious food.

Remember, your baby’s health and nutrition is completely reliant on your nutrition.

Isn’t that great motivation to eat healthy and make sure you are keeping your metabolism going by eating every 3 hours?

The good thing is you will get the benefits of increasing your milk supply for your baby, giving him/her great nutrients and also be working towards losing that baby weight.

You can also incorporate protein powder into baked goods to make healthy snacks. Check out this lactation protein muffin recipe to help with increasing your milk supply.

I hope you are beginning to see the benefits of having a healthy protein smoothie to help you increase your milk supply.

It’s not JUST going to help you increase milk supply, its also helping you give your baby more nutrients, especially protein which is so important for the development of the baby.

Ok, now let me share this delicious smoothie recipe with you.

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The Yummiest Coffee Lactation Smoothie

  • Author: Michelle Marie Fit



1 cup almond milk (or any dairy free milk or water)

2 tsp instant coffee

1 tsp Brewer’s yeast

2 scoops mPower Protein Powder for Breastfeeding Moms

2 TBSP oatmeal

1 TBSP flax seeds or flax meal

2 tsp cocoa powder

1/4 banana

dash cinnamon


In a blender, process all the ingredients until smooth.

Add more liquid or ice until you reach the desired consistency of your liking.

I can’t wait for you to try it!

Don’t forget to check out mPower, you will be able to use it as your coffee creamer, in smoothies, in healthy baked goods, in your oatmeal, in your yogurt, in order to make all your meals and snacks more filling, healthier and better for the baby.

And its soooooo good even just by itself.

Click here to read up more on it.

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If you love pumpkin, check out this video for a pumpkin smoothie that is high in protein.

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