The Ultimate Legs Workout: Get Skinnier LEGS

As a WOMAN, I know how important it is to have the LEGS in shape!!!!

It’s the part of the body that we are most self conscious about!!!!

Part of being a awoman……unfortunately… that we accumulate most of our FAT in the lower extremities.  Luckily we don’t have to be a victim to this!  We can do something about it!  That is the good news!

If you have tried to get your legs leaner, but have failed…..this article is for you.  Most women fail at getting their legs in shape because they do the wrong type of workouts and their nutrition is FAR FROM OPTIMAL!

If you accumulate fat in your lower body you want to do workouts that BURN!!!!!

YES ladies…………….BURN!!!!!
It sucks but it’s the truth!

Here is an example lower body workout that will tone and lean out your legs.  

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The Ultimate Legs Workout for Leaner & Skinnier Thighs & Glutes

A1.  20 Reverse Lunges with Hip Flexion per side
A2.  20 Step-ups with Hip Flexion per side
A3.  20 Dumbbell Squats
Hold the squat for 30 seconds

Perform this circuit 3 times with 45 seconds rest in between sets.

B1.  20 Deadlifts
B2.  20 Stability Ball Leg Curls
B3.  20 Stability Ball Hip Extensions
Hold the Hip Extension for 30 seconds

Perform this circuit 3 times with 45 seconds rest in between sets.

Remember, it’s CRUCIAL for you to change your workouts every 4 weeks in order to continue to see results and fat loss.  This is one of the reasons women fail to get leaner and skinnier thighs…….they do the same exercises, reps, sets, rest etc. all the time.

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