The Truth About How Long It Can Take to Lose Baby Weight After Pregnancy

THREE WEEKS it took her to be at pre-pregnancy weight.

“I was fearful like lots of you during my pregnancy…wondering if it was true if I exercised and stayed healthy… the weight would indeed be easier to come off… Well Michelle is correct; it DOES COME OFF. I feel great and loving every single second of becoming a mom.”

This is what Brittany said and I needed to share it with you because I know you wonder if it’s really worth the time and sacrifice of exercising during pregnancy

I know that you may not feel good, that you feel fatigued and have no energy… I know you don’t have a lot of spare time….

So, I know, it’s important for you to know and believe if it’s really worth it… if it really works…

Which is why I like sharing stories like Brittany’s… real stories of real women just like YOU.

I’m hoping you will identify yourself with one of these women one of these days and make a greater effort to either START WORKING OUT … or BE MORE CONSISTENT.

And it’s not only WEIGHT GAIN…

Brittany mentions in her post which I will share with you, how the NURSES & DOCTORS were amazed with her because its unheard of to bounce back so fast from a CESEREAN.

What more can I say…..

You are seeing it here for yourself.

That is why I continue to reach out to you and motivate you and push you to take action. For extra motivation, check out this post for 6 tips to help you lose the baby weight faster.

To join our community, to start working out, to join the Fit Mom To Be Program.... Because I know it works.

Over 100,00 women have gone through it, and all gotten amazing results. Because there are 3,000 women right now in my Private FB community who day in and day out share stories like this…. andĀ I WANT YOU TO HAVE YOUR STORY.

YOU DESERVE and are WORTHY of having an amazing pregnancy, of feeling beautiful, strong and confident.

You deserve to be able to bounce back fast and feel like a confident momma šŸ™‚

So if you have joined us already……I’m so proud of you… make sure to be consistent.

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