The Solution To Pregnancy Fatigue

If you have a time during the day where you just get so tired and sleepy and you also get cravings for something sweet, this is gonna be a game changer for me.

Even when I’m not pregnant, I still get super sleepy around 3-4pm.

That’s also about the time I feel like eating something sweet.

It also happens to be the time, I am getting ready to leave the house with the kids to either soccer, dance or basketball.

Which means, I need a pick me up and it needs to be “on-the-go”.

So the other day, I had a genius idea of what to make to satisfy my sweet craving but also give me some energy….. and you are going to love it.

Well, I did, and now I have it alllllll the time, so I think you are gonna love it too 🙂

I made a video of me making it so you can check it out HERE

It will be a great afternoon snack for you this pregnancy.

You have to let me know if you love it.

I also wanted to share a few stories of ladies who are thriving while pregnant.

And yes, I truly believe its because they are practicing some self-care.

it’s so important.

Now, while pregnant is the most important time to really care for your health and fitness.

Take the time, make the investment in yourself. Not only will it be good for your baby and pregnancy but it will be a game changer for you going forward as well.

This is Jessica, what I love about her post here is that she has a kid under 2 while pregnant and she is saying that the workouts and shakes have helped her have the energy to keep up with it.

And mind you, she is not working out 6 times a week. She clearly says, she works out when she feels like it.

The crazy thing is that with the Fit Mom To Be Workouts, just 3 workouts a week make a huge difference.

When I told you that it will benefit you going forward, this is why.

Look at what Jane is saying here.

This is her 3rd pregnancy and by doing the workouts while pregnant, she was able to get in shape to the point she is wearing “SUMMER SHORTS” 5 months postpartum

Wooohoooo 🙂

That is amazing. It makes a difference, it really does.

I have even seen ladies who may have gained the same or a little less than prior pregnancies but lost the weight lightning fast because they worked out while pregnant.

And what’s crazy is that when the ladies START the program, they can already imagine the results they are gonna get.

I hope that when you join the Fit Mom To Be Program, you too will have this confidence while pregnant, because we all deserve to enjoy our pregnancy and feel “bomb”, in Coach Shamara’s words 🙂

And if ENERGY is what you are lacking and that is the only reason you haven’t started working out….. working out is just the thing that is going to give you the energy.

So, make sure to watch the video above so you can make the “PICK ME UP” and then get your workouts in, and you will see how much energy you will have going forward.

I promise, having more energy, gaining less weight, feeling strong and fit, having confidence while pregnant and then having a crazy fast and awesome LABOR & DELIVERY experience like Emma, will be so worth the 2-3 hours and small price you invest into your workouts.

Making the decision to start is the hardest part.

Once you start, it gets way easier because you begin to see and feel the changes and then it becomes worth it and you even get excited to do it.

Ok, time to make the decision mama.


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Don’t forget to watch “the Pick Me Up” video!

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