The Secret to Getting Better Results from Your Workouts

High reps and low weight for toning…. true or false?

This is a question I get all the time….

Women are so worried about getting “big” with lifting weights.

But in over 20 years of lifting myself and of working with thousands and thousands of women, I have never seen any one of them get bigger.​

I even had a client who was 100lbs overweight, get leaner, smaller and actually lose weight by doing more weight training and less cardio.

I know, it seems crazy, but it is real.

The only way you can get big from lifting weights is if you take steroids, eat an enormous number of calories (not even close to what you are even thinking), and lift for like 2 hours a day 6 days a week, to even close to come to the amount of volume of exercise you actually need to gain muscle.

Gaining muscle is hard.


A huge part of it is hormonal.

Most of us don’t have enough testosterone to gain muscle that easily.

Some ladies who can tone easier have more testosterone, but it’s not the norm, and its super hard to gain muscle.

So first of all, get that silly myth out of your head.

Lifting weights is what will speed your metabolism, help you burn more fat and more easily and also will help you look leaner and more toned.

How much weight should I lift?

Another question I get asked often.

It is different for everyone because we are all at different fitness and strength levels.

But a few rules of thumb.

Rules For Lifting

You should vary the amount of reps you do every 4 weeks.

10-12 reps is the sweet spot for gaining muscle, but you should still vary it every month.

You should lift weight heavy enough to reach momentary muscle failure at the desired rep range.

Rep Range Examples

Here are a few rep ranges I use to vary from month to month.

  1. 20-30 reps
  2. 15 reps
  3. 10-12 reps
  4. 6-8 reps

Each of these rep ranges stimulate a different muscle fibers and deliver different results.

But its important do work in all the rep ranges for the best results.

The higher the reps, the less weight you will be able to lift.

The lower the reps, the more weight you should be using.

How do you know how much weight for each rep range?

Again, the amount it takes to reach muscle fatigue at that rep.

For example:

If I’m doing 12 reps in all my workouts this month, and I’m doing bicep curls with 20 lb dumbbells, if I can do 13, 14, 15 reps, that weight is too light.

I should be struggling around 10 and almost cant make it to 12 but get to it with controlled movements and proper form.

If I’m doing tricep kickbacks for 20 reps and I’m using 15 lb dumbbells and I start to lose my form around 15 reps, that weight is too heavy.

Get it?

This is how you work at the right intensity and get good results.

If you are not lifting the right amount of weight, you are not working at the right intensity and not stimulating the muscle fibers to do what they are supposed to.

Unfortunately, many people workout, but they don’t work at the right intensity and so they don’t see good results.


Start lifting the right amount of weight and you will see how much your body will change and how your results will surprise you.

Another tip, is to change your workouts every 4 weeks.

It takes about 4 weeks to see the desired results from any particular routine.

At around that time, your body begins to adapt and no longer change.

That is what we call, the dreaded plateau.

But you can avoid it by changing up your workouts every month.

What do you change?

Here are a few ideas:

  • The rep ranges
  • How much you rest between sets
  • The amount of sets per workout.
  • The tempo (how long it takes you in seconds to do each rep)
  • The exercises
  • How you group the muscles groups per workout

Exercise is a science.

These things matter and if you’re not taking them into consideration, that is why you are not seeing great results.

Do these things, and I promise, you will see a leaner, tighter, more toned body.


Seen it over and over for years.

It’s the way I got in the best shape of my life and finally had muscle tone after spending about 5 years just doing cardio and not seeing any results.

It‘s how I’ve helped over 200K women get in the best shape of their lives, even after having kids.

WITH WEIGHT TRAINING and a solid nutrition plan, of course.

Check out these healthy food swaps to help build your nutrition plan.

I hope you are encouraged today, that maybe you have been working out, and not seeing results, but now you realize that there are so many changes you can make.

There is good news when you’re doing a lot of things wrong.

It means there is room for improvement.

So get excited, mama 🙂

Looking for motivation, check out this video.

  • I would love to know if you are currently lifting, or doing cardio or both?
  • What do you do more of?
  • Where can you improve after reading this email?

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