The Pregnancy Protein Shake That Kills Hunger & Controls Weight Gain

Do you feel like you are hungry aaalllll day long?

Like you eat, and minutes later you’re hungry?

Feeling like eating so much is why you are gaining so much weight?

You can blame “excess” weight gain on the out of control hunger we feel when we are pregnant.

The excess weight gain is most likely because of giving in to hunger and cravings all the time.

Especially because most women during pregnancy have protein aversions and therefore crave CARBS and SUGAR while pregnant and too much of that will absolutely lead do EXCESS weight gain.

Weight gain is necessary during pregnancy, but if we don’t get our hormones under control, we will experience EXTRA weight gain that is not necessary, not healthy and that also takes forever to lose postpartum.

After working with over 250,000 pregnant women, I can tell you the #1 reason why most women have that uncontrollable hunger all the time.

They are not eating enough of a macro-nutrient that is ohhhhh soooooo important.


1. Protein is the macro nutrient that that makes you feel FULLER… LONGER. It does this better than any other nutrient.

2. Protein reduces the HUNGER HORMONE, ghrelin.

3. Studies show that increasing protein helps reduce cravings and late night snacking.

So, if you have been feeling out of control hungry all the time, or you eat and shortly after you are hungry again, or you are getting A LOT of cravings, I would ask myself the question..

  • Am I eating enough protein/?
  • Am I eating protein in every meal?

Listen, it’s hard to get enough protein in when you are pregnant (even when you’re not pregnant).

#1 because you probably have aversions to it.

#2 because who the heck feels like adding ANOTHER piece of chicken to another meal.

#3 because you can’t stomach another piece of chicken in the day.

#4 because you’re tired of cooking the chicken, turkey, fish and steak

It’s tough to get enough protein in even when you are not pregnant, but its that much more important to get it in when you are pregnant.

Not just because it will crush your cravings, reduce your hunger and help you feel full and satisfied…

But because PROTEIN is CRUCIAL for the development and growth of your baby’s tissues and organs, and also for getting enough blood supply to the fetus while pregnant.

It’s also really important for building muscle and being able to burn fat more effectively.

Which is why I decided, a year ago, to start formulating a PROTEIN POWDER that would be specifically created for pregnant and nursing women.

By the way, are you taking vitamins this pregnancy?

There’s never been a time that is more crucial for taking all your vitamins as is PREGNANCY.

Did you know that vitamins can minimize health risks for baby?

Yep, its true and its gonna blow your mind.

It’s so mind blowing that I wrote a blog post detailing all the research that says which vitamins help prevent some of these risks to our babies.

CLICK HERE to see the post.

But it’s so so so good that I have been taking it for months now, even though I’m not pregnant because the quality is so high and the nutrient count so impressive that really…. any woman could and should take it.

After working with so many pregnant women and moms and seeing how much they struggle to eat right and get the right nutrients in (aka, protein being the most important).

I knew I needed to create a premium, good quality protein powder because that would be the only way to get more protein in.

In a:

  • Protein smoothie or shake (CLICK HERE for 7 Delicious & Nutritious Smoothie Recipes)
  • Baked healthy snacks (muffins, cookies, pancakes, etc).
  • For breakfast
  • For snacks
  • To replace a meal

I kept seeing the ladies ask for protein powders that are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding and seeing the ones that were being recommended, made me sick to my stomach.

Most protein powders out there:

  • Have WAY too many ingredients you can’t even pronounce.
  • Are made with artificial flavors and sweeteners.
  • Are not a complete multi-vitamin or even have enough of any vitamin for that matter.
  • Do not go through the process to make them the best quality so they are absorbable.

mPower is a PROTEIN POWDER that is specifically formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

It’s not JUST “safe for pregnancy” like these other big MLM companies profess to be….


I also wrote a post about 3 important reasons why protein powder is a must for pregnancy. Check it out here.


  1. Has a complete multi-vitamin so you don’t have to take a prenatal or multi-vitamin anymore. (hello time and money saving)
  2. Has all the B vitamins which help with energy and nausea.
  3. Has prebiotic, probiotics and digestive enzymes so that it doesn’t hurt your belly or make you feel bloated and gassy. (hello more money savings)
  4. Has Folate…not folic acid like most folic supplements because FOLATE is a way better form and your body absorbs it better (hello more money savings and so important for your baby’s development).
  5. Is cold-pressed which ensure a premium quality that makes the protein better on digestion and also makes the bioavailability of the nutrients way better to ensure you and baby get the best possible nutrition.
  6. Is light, creamy and delicious all in one and is not CHALKY AND GRAINY like most protein powders out there that make me feel like gagging or make me hold my nose while I chug it.

If you want to know more reasons why PROTEIN POWDERS ARE SO GOOD FOR PREGNANCY, CLICK HERE for the post where I describe all the benefits.

Seriously, there is no other protein powder out there available that is specifically made for your pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby’s needs.

By now, you are starting to see just how important protein is for your diet while pregnant and nursing. (and even if you are not)

And just how hard it is to get enough protein in with just eating chicken, turkey, eggs, etc.

Check out what these ladies have to say about mPower.

mPower will make it easier for you to get the protein you need for the baby as well as will help you crush your cravings, reduce that out of control hunger and help you make better choices when you eat so that you don’t gain so much weight that its soooo hard to lose postpartum.

Click Here to check out mPower and what other moms have to say about it.

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