The ONE Reason You Haven’t Reached Your Goal

Getting in shape is a CHOICE!   Eating healthy is a CHOICE!!  Exercising is a CHOICE!  I get so frustrated when I hear people say “I’m trying to get in shape”, “I’m trying to eat good”, “I’m trying to exercise”, “I can’t do it”, “I can’t stick to it”.  All of these things my friend are a CHOICE.  The problem is you haven’t decided to make that choice…….. for whatever reason.  Because as soon as you make that CHOICE….. results follow. 

Why don’t people make that CHOICE?  Is it that hard?  

NO absolutely not!!  They are just NOT WILLING to put forth the effort, because that it is……AN EFFORT!

Why don’t people put forth the effort?  

Simply because they can’t visualize the outcome!  So let’s do this together…..YES my friend……RIGHT NOW!  Let’s visualize what you would look like and feel like if you ate good, and exercised for 12-20 weeks straight.  Did you know that whatever picture you have in your head of what you want to look like, you can achieve?  

You CAN!  

You can lose fat, and get toned!  

Yes, you can actually get to the point where you can see muscles in your arms and legs.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Well my friend, IT’S POSSIBLE!  You just have to put forth some effort, and be consistent with it. 

It is a CHOICE. 

It is a CHOICE
to make your workouts a priority. 
Schedule time every week on a consistent basis for your workouts.

It is a CHOICE to make the right choices when going out to eat.

It is a CHOICE you make to pre-cook and have healthy food available.

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It is a CHOICE you make to not eat the sweets or have the drinks.


So, stop making excuses as to why you haven’t seen results or why you can’t do this or that.  Because as soon as you make up your mind and set a goal, all you have to do is wake up everyday and make the RIGHT CHOICES!

I promise you…….that it will be soooooooo worth it. 

When you look at yourself in the mirror and you look thinner, and leaner, and more toned….all the effort will be worth it. 

When your friends and hubby or boyfriend tell you how great you look, it will be worth it. 

When you feel so good and so comfortable in your own skin……it will be worth it. 

Like I said… is an effort, but a well worth effort.  When you start seeing the incredible changes in your body and what you are capable of doing to it.  You will wish you had made these choices a long time ago!

If you are not sure how to get started, and you are un-sure of what kind of workout you should be doing, I will help you.  I help hundreds and hundreds of women all over the world with m MMF Monthly Workouts.  I am so happy to be able to share with you after so many years of trial and error….  my very best practices.  That is the very best workouts that I have created in the last 17 years.  I have done them myself and they work.  And I’m not greedy, so Im happy to share them with you so that you can get just as good of results.

The MMF Monthly Workouts are designed to help speed metabolism, burn fat, and get lean.  These workouts are great for post-partum women, busy moms, working moms, and any woman who wants to lose weight and get toned.  


Good luck girlfriend, and remember, when you wake up everyday, set a mini goal, and then just focus on making THE RIGHT CHOICES!

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