The Best Protein Powder For Pregnancy & Baby

A few years ago, I would not have been writing this post.

Because years ago… when I was pregnant, there wasn’t any safe or recommended protein powders for pregnancy.

And boy…. did I struggle.

I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant (both times), the entire first trimester…


Ugh, all I wanted was carbs and I could not even stand to look or smell protein.

This was a huge problem.

If you don’t know….


A nutrient is something you must consume in order to sustain life.


During pregnancy, its even more important.

Protein helps:

  • Move blood supply to the fetus.
  • Helps develop and grow the baby’s tissues and organs.
  • Helps make antibodies for the immune system.
  • Makes hormones and enzymes.
  • Reduces risk of baby having low birth weight.
  • Helps breast and uterine growth.

Can you see just how important consuming enough protein is?

Protein Daily Requirement During Pregnancy:

The American Pregnancy Association recommends at least 75-100 grams of protein a day.

Which can be very hard when you can’t stomach chicken, eggs, turkey….

I was so stressed out that my baby wasn’t getting enough protein.

I was also working out and so I needed to consume enough protein.

You have no idea the things I did to get enough protein in.

For post workouts, I would hard boil dozens of eggs every week and would eat them with fruit post workout.

It was such a pain, so time consuming… and couldn’t eat hard boiled eggs after a workout.

Ugh… I remember gagging every post workout meal.

Oh….. if only I had mPower back then.

mPower is a protein powder specifically formulated for pregnancy and I will tell you more about it below.

I also would have my dad make me huge Tupperwares of soup.

He would boil a ton of veggies in stock and add chicken in there and then just blend it all into a cream.

I couldn’t even look at the chicken.

I literally ate soup 3 times a day for like 12 weeks.

It was the only way I felt like I was giving my baby the nutrients they needed.

And also helped support my pregnancy.


Lucky for you, you now have the BEST PROTEIN POWDER FOR PREGNANCY & BABY.

mPower... if you haven’t tried it yet… OMG, you are not living lol.

For real though… aside from all the amazing benefits which I will discuss, it is INSANELY DELICIOUS.

dreams come true

And it makes life sooooo much easier.

  • It is great for a quick breakfast (just mix it up with water or milk in a shaker cup).
  • It is delicious as a post-workout smoothie (blended with fruit – you get 3 recipe guides when you get mPower)
  • It is insane as a coffee creamer and a way healthier method of enjoying your cup of coffee a day.
  • It is easy to add into any healthy baked muffin, cookie, pancake. (I have even had ladies who add it to boxed brownie or cake mix just to get some protein in… lol)

It is legit… a life saver for pregnant moms.

mPower was formulated by a doctor and is of the highest quality ingredients because its for pregnancy.

It is actually medical grade.

Unlike most protein powders sold in nutrition stores and online that are really for the complete population but claim “safe for pregnancy”.

Pregnancy is the most important time to have good quality foods and supplements because its now about supporting your pregnancy and your baby’s genetics.


That is why I always say that pregnancy is the most important time to practice self care and splurge a little more on good quality foods and supplements.

mPower is not only a protein powder that helps you get your protein requirement.

It is also a prenatal with a very high quality multivitamin that actually makes it according to the doctor…


See most over the counter prentals are not good quality so you don’t end up absorbing them.. so basically its like taking nothing.

The ones that are medical grade given by doctors are SO EXPENSIVE.

With mPower you get the MEDICAL GRADE prenatal and protein all in ONE.

Not only that….

mPower also has:

Prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes (this makes it so much easier to digest so you don’t get gassy, bloated and constipated like you do with most protein powders out there.)

Has no artificial sweeteners.

Has whole food FOLATE.. unlike most folic acid supplements…. that are not good for you, mPower’s high quality folate makes it better than most folic acid supplements out there.

It is NON GMO, gluten-free.

And if you have struggled to find a good protein powder before you know what I mean when I say….



You won’t believe how insanely easy it is to mix mPower with just water in a shaker in 3 shakes… it is SILKY SMOOTH.

There is absolutely NO AFTER-TASTE, it is the most dreamy and delicious vanilla ice cream milk shake taste.

Don’t believe me…

Check out what other moms have to say about it.

How To Get Energy From Your Protein Powder

By the way, it also has ALL THE B VITAMINS… which is amazing and so hard to find.

B vitamins are good for energy and also help reduce nausea.

I took B vitamins separately every day of my pregnancy.

Actually, I still take it to this day.

I love B vitamins.

If I had mPower when I was pregnant, I probably would still take my B vitamins as well.

But you don’t have to.

I hope you can try mPower Protein Powder for Pregnancy.

The great thing about mPower is that you can use it your recipes too! Check out this post on Pregnancy Healthy Snacks.

It’s gonna make your life easier, save you money, help you feed yourself and your baby the proper nutrients and vitamins and its gonna feel like the biggest treat..

Sorry, not sorry…. if you get obssessed like I am 🙂

Click here to check out what more moms have to say about mPower and to see more benefits and read the nutrition label.

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