The Best Morning Routine

Doing this will help you be more SUCCESSFUL in EVERYTHING you do.

There is one thing I have learned in my 20 years in the fitness industry, and that is that the people that exercise in the MORNINGS, are the most consistent.

I think the reason is simple…………


Not a whole lot can come up in the mornings before everyone in the house gets up that could prevent you from working out.

As the day progresses, more things come up.

  • A kid can get sick and need to be picked up.
  • A meeting comes up.
  • You’re tired.
  • Your husband needs an errand.
  • Someone needs to be taken to a doctors appointment or activity.
  • You get sick.


So, I always tell my clients to get their workouts in early morning.

First thing in the morning.

Here is another thing I have learned……


This one after I became a mother.


After everyone in the house is up, my “ME TIME” is over…….  Finito………. DONZO!


I have always been an early riser but early like 5:30am.

But after having kids and getting used to being up at all hours of the night and morning, I began to wake up an hour earlier just to enjoy some ME TIME.

So now………  Don’t freak out……..morning-routine-1


I wake up at 4am.


Yep, pretty much no one except the college kids coming home from partying are up at that time.

Its hard, yes!

But in a really weird way, I enjoy that time sooooooo much 🙂


It really doesn’t ever become easy, I just became accustomed to it.

But I really enjoy about an hour by myself.


Its quiet.

Its still.

Its peaceful

I love it.


<<Another thing I have learned is that VERY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE have a morning routine.>>


So I have my own.

And I want to encourage you to have yours.

I’m going to share mine, with you.


Having a good morning routine will help you be in a better mood, be more productive, more focused, healthier, and just overall more successful.morning-routine-2


My Morning Routine

  1. 5am Wake Up
  2. 5:15am Drink Bone Broth with lemon juice in warm water and take Liquid Vitamin B and Fish Oil and a Multi-Vitamin.
  3. 5:20am  Drink the only cup of coffee that I enjoy hot and all in one sitting.
  4. 5:20-6:00am Prayer & God Time.
  5. 6am Healthy Breakfast.
  6. 6:15am Gratitude Time
  7. 6:30am Workout.


Being a mother is the most amazing thing in the world.  

But its dang hard and exhausting at times.

And if you don’t take care of you………  Ya ain’t gonna be a good mother or wife or friend or daughter.


So I wake up early enough so that I can have a good solid 2 hours to myself.  

The only 2 hours out of my day that I get to invest in me.

I want to encourage you to do the same.


Feel free to comment here on the blog and let me know what your main goal with your morning routine would be or what you have a hard time with or what you are currently doing!


I’m going to give you a few examples of my healthy breakfasts in hopes that it will help your morning routine.

morning-routine-4Just click on each link below.


I’m so tired of hearing people say “I don’t have time to eat breakfast”.

Even though its the most important meal of the day.


The reason you don’t is because you don’t make it priority.

Make it a part of your morning routine, and you will see how you will have time and how much better you will feel.

And how it affects your body (as in body fat….. you will get leaner just from eating breakfast).


I’m also going to give you a 7-Minute Morning Routine Workout that you can do daily right from home and will work your entire body and burn tons of calories.

I’ve got tons of workouts like this for all body parts, home workouts, gym workouts and all kinds of weight loss hacks and strategies inside of FIT MOM FOR LIFE.


I’m also going to share with you what I read for my Daily Devotion and Prayer Time.


And if you look above on the actual “My Morning Routine”, you will be able to click on the supplements that I take and they will take you to amazon so you can see what I take if you are interested in taking the same.


My Morning Routine – Healthy Breakfast Ideas


I’ve got tons of recipes, healthy and yummy meal plans using the right combinations of foods that together make FAT BURNING so much easier and faster inside of FIT MOM FOR LIFE.


I know how hard it is to eat healthy during the week and it can get so boring to eat the same boring healthy meals.

Which is why, I made a 30 Day Healthy Meal Plan for moms.

And you can download it for FREE right here.

They are all quick, easy and yummy meals, so it will be totally doable!


My Morning Routine – Daily Devotions

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotions

Joel Osteen Daily Devotions

Jesus Calling App

Proverbs 31 Ministries App


My Morning Routine – Gratitude Timeimg_9091

This isn’t anything fancy.

I actually sometimes do this on the way to work.

I just spend a few minutes thanking God for all the blessings in my life.
I have also just recently started to journal my prayers.

So I journaled all the things I’m grateful for.

So sometimes I just read them out loud.


7-Minute Morning Workout

  • 20 Squat with Kicks
  • 30 Seconds Plank Jacks
  • 20 Single Leg Hip Extensions per side
  • 10-15 Side Plank with hip lifts per side

Rest and Repeat 1-2 more times.







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