The Anytime Anywhere Workout

I didn’t know what it was to be busy until I had kids.





I know its so hard to get into a good routine with exercise when you are:

#1 Exhausted.

#2 Running kids around their activities.

#3 Trying to keep house organized.

#4 Getting feedings and meals done.


After working with hundreds of THOUSANDS of women, I can tell you ONE THING……..

The women who are the most consistent with their exercise are the ones that do it first thing in the morning.


The later you wait, the more and more things can come up and the less and lesser your chances are of getting those workouts done.

My best advice is this……………..




If you do this, then you will really never miss your workouts.the-anywhere-anytime-workout-2


I know its hard to wake up earlier, especially when you are exhausted and not getting enough sleep as it is.

Story of my life.

I wake up at 4am and go to bed 10-10:30pm.


But when you start seeing results and you start feeling so much better, it will get easier.  I promise!


Plus, you will get used to it.

You can do it 🙂


So I wanted to give you a bunch of little workouts that you can do anywhere or anytime.

Workouts you don’t need any equipment for.


If you have been wanting to lose weight, this may be the little motivation and plan you needed.

If you are encouraged and pumped, you can try my 14 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan while you’re doing these workouts.

Try to do them for 2 weeks.


I just know you will totally see some changes in your body.


The Anytime -Anywhere Workouts



20 Single Leg Hip Extensions (on toes) per side

30 Quadruped Straight Leg Kicks per side

30 Quadruped Bent Knee Kicks per side

20 In & Out Kicks per side

X’S 2




20 Plank Walk-Ins

10-20 Mountain Climber Jumping Jacks

10 Side Plank Toe Taps

X’S 2



20 Lunge Kicks per side

20 Jump Lunges per side

20 Explosive Reverse Lunges per side

X’S 2




15 Leg Raises with Crunch

60 seconds Plank with Knee Extensions

X’S 3

Super set this Core Circuit with 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers & 30 seconds of High Knees



20 Jump Squats

20 Pushups

20 Hip Extensions

20 Dips

20 Split Jumps

X’S 2


20 Plie Hops

20 Cross Jumps

20 Calf Pumps





I hope you try this for 2 weeks!

And I hope you take advantage of you working out like this to eat clean for 2 weeks also.

Click here to download the 2 Week Clean Eating Meal Plan.




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