The 15 Seconds Rule To Control “Bad/Emotional” Eating

 The 15 Seconds Rule To Control “Bad/Emotional” Eating

When Danny and I got married, I had just recently become a born again Christian.

I was growing so much spiritually and emotionally.

I had recently experienced some hard times with my parents and I was a bit scared of marriage. So I made a promise to do everything I could to have a good marriage.

I read a million marriage books, went to bible study for marriages, even hosted a couples Bible study at our home which forced me to do weekly in depth studies on marriage and scripture.

I also went to a bunch of seminars.

One of the seminars we went to was “A Marriage To Remember”.  It was a weekend conference, and it was amazing.

One thing I learned at that conference was something that really stuck with me forever and I have actually learned to apply it in many aspects of my life.

They called it the 10 Seconds Rule.


Basically they said that when you are in the middle of an argument with your spouse and he or she says something to hurt or upset you.  To stop for 10 seconds before opening your mouth to respond (or lash out) and think before responding.


OMG, this was seriously life changing for my relationship.

Danny and I are both pretty hard headed, strong, dominant personalities so you can imagine what it can be like in the middle of a heated argument.  

Yep, no one wins, or we don’t stop until finally someone gives in.


Well, after this life changing seminar about the 10-seconds rule, I really changed my ways.


When Danny would say something that was (to me), hurtful or upsetting, instead of reacting immediately and saying something that most of the time, I didn’t mean…….  I started stopping, taking a few breaths and thinking…..


Does he really mean what he is saying?  

Is he saying that just because he is upset?

Does he love me?

Does he want to hurt me?


After taking a few seconds, a few breaths and asking myself a few questions, my reaction or response was never what it used to.  

All of a sudden now our arguments were way less, less heated, less time, more rational…. Overall, just better.

I learned to kind of just breath through it and after giving it some thought, revisiting the conversation at a later time in order to express my feelings.


Life changing!


Well, one day, I started applying this to EATING and FOOD.

Food is such an emotional and psychological thing.  I mean most people make most of their eating choices based on emotions.  Which is never good.


But I get it!

I remember many a times finding myself in front of the pantry with a box of oreos because I was upset with Danny (when we were dating), or mad at my parents or stressed out about school………

I have totally….  many times…….. Eaten out of emotions.  


And let me tell you something…….

It never made me feel any better.  Actually, its like a vicious cycle because then you get more upset because you are disappointed in yourself for not being able to have will power enough to fight the emotional eating.


Plus, you feel terrible and then you are going to eat bad to then make yourself worse?

Well that doesn’t make sense!


So when I started thinking of this in a more rational way, I decided that I would apply the 10 seconds rule about marriage to eating.  Except I changed it to 15 seconds to give myself a little more time.

It’s pretty simple, and it works like freakin’ charm.

It’s been life changing for me, and it can be life changing for you.

It can totally TRANSFORM your body.  

If you cut out emotional eating, I bet you lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks LOL.


Anyhow, I do want you to lose weight and feel good about yourself which is why I try to teach you things like this that I think can make a huge impact.  But I can’t go any further without also making sure that the choices you are making in regards to food are the right ones.


Applying the 15-seconds rule and taking these foods out of your diet can make CRAZY CHANGES in your body.


Also, make sure to watch your CHEAT DAYS.


I wrote a really great post on cheat days and how you can MASTER them so they don’t impact your weight loss.  Make sure to read this short blog on Mastering The Cheat Day for Weight Loss.


If you want another great tool that you can print out that will help you take more control of your body and how you eat, here is my FRIDGE, PANTRY AND FREEZER CHECKLIST.  

It’s all the ingredients I always have on hand that are super healthy and help me whip up great meals that help me lose weight and gain muscle.  You have to print that out as well.


Ok, so now having all these great tools to help you lose weight easier and faster, make sure you really understand this 15-Seconds Rule.

Before you go and make an “Emotional Eating Decision”, you are going to:

1.  Stop!

2.  Breathe!

3.  Think before you act.


A lot of times, we eat not because we are hungry, but because we are stressed, depressed, tired, upset……..

When we feel this way, we never make good choices because we are looking at food as a way to make us feel better.  But we already established that it never works in our favor.


Here is an example:

You had a long day at work or you were by yourself with the kids all day and after you finally get everyone down to sleep, you have already had dinner but you are so dang tired and stressed out from the whole day that all of a sudden you find yourself in the kitchen.  

So you open the fridge, nothing looks good, you open the pantry and BAM……..

Cookies, pretzels, donuts, chips, cereal……  Everything looks good and ohhhhhhh it would feel so good to sit down and eat it.


This is when you STOP!

Take a few breaths and start thinking in your head…. or out loud, whatever you prefer!

Here are some questions I ask myself:

1.  When was the last time I ate?

2.  Am I hungry?  Is it time to eat?

3.  Am I looking for food because its time to eat or am I tired/upset/angry/depressed?

4.  Is there something healthy I can eat instead?

5.  Will I be able to be moderate if I take a bite of ________?

6.  Will eating this make me feel better even tomorrow?

7.  Will I regret it if I eat this?

8.  Will eating this help me move towards my goal?


Nine times out of ten, if you ask yourself these questions and you take a few breaths, you will make the right choice because you will realize that you are eating out of emotion.

This takes practice and you WILL MASTER IT, but it takes time!


Keep doing it and you will see that one day you will be able to make the right choices without having to stop, breathe and think, it will just happen naturally because you will have trained yourself to do so.

That is where I am at right now.

And I won’t lie, it feels so darn good.


Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect.  I’m human and sometimes I slip up.  But for the most part, I can say that I am in control and it feels so good.


That is what I want for you my friend!

I want you to feel in complete control.  Because when you do, it will be so much easier to reach your goals.


If you are eating every few hours and optimal meal and you are planning and prepping your meals it will be even easier to fight your emotions.  Because its extremely hard to fight your emotions when you don’t have healthy foods available at home.

Listen my friend, if you don’t feel like you have the time to figure out a healthy meal plan for every week.  Or maybe you just don’t even know anymore what you should be eating because you feel like you’ve tried so many ways and so many times that you just don’t know anymore……..

Then let me help you.

I created my FIT MOM FOR LIFE for this reason.  

To help busy moms who don’t have time or don’t know how to eat in order to speed metabolism and be able to lose fat easier be able to do so.

For the moms that haven’t had time or energy to focus on themselves… to do things for themselves but still have a strong desire to be better.


I put together my best meal plans, my best recipes, the right combinations of food to help speed fat loss, home workouts, gym workouts, long workouts, short workouts, cardio workouts.. all with video demo’s and the most effective fat loss strategies there are and how a busy mom can integrate them into her life… all in one place 

Its’ seriously, AMAZING!

I created it because I always got so many people just asking me to tell them what to eat, to give them the recipes, to give them my grocery shopping list.  That if they had everything I had, they would be able to follow it and get results.

So there you go, now you have it.

If this is you, and you are frustrated with making attempts at dieting and eating healthy and exercising but you haven’t seen the results you should.  Or if you really don’t know where to start and what to eat. Or if you are just tired of eating the same things every day and every week.

Then you will be perfect for this program.  And the best part of it is that you can do it for a few months so that you can learn how to do it and then do it on your own. 


I think you’re going to love love love it and the RESULTS.

Cant wait to hear about your attempts at using the MMF 15-SECONDS RULE!

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