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Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning sickness can be debilitating. Especially with the regular fatigue that comes with pregnancy. I got a little morning sickness in my 2nd pregnancy and I applied these 2 tips I’m about to give you and I was a different human. It helped so much. I share these tips more in depth in this video,…

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Pregnancy and Stretch Marks

pregnancy and stretch marks

  Today, I’m going to talk about pregnancy and stretch marks.   I’m going to give you the causes and what you can do to prevent them from appearing this pregnancy. In this video I give you 3 things that will give you massive results with pregnancy. Watch the whole video, I think you will…

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Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Leg Cramps During Pregnancy  Have you gotten leg cramps during pregnancy yet? If you haven’t and you are early on in your pregnancy, you may get them starting in the second trimester which is when most women get them. I got them during my first pregnancy but didn’t really get them during my second one.

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How To Prevent Excess Pregnancy Weight Gain

How Should I Eat During Pregnancy To Prevent Excess Weight Gain   Pregnancy weight gain is something that every woman is concerned with. I have even spoken to women who don’t want to get pregnant solely for the reason of not wanting to lose their body. That is crazy!

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Afraid You Will Have To Sacrifice Your “Social Life” When Baby Arrives?

Afraid You Will Have To Sacrifice Your “Social Life” When Baby Arrives?  When you have a baby your whole life changes. I remember the anxiety during my first pregnancy………… The first pregnancy is always harder because there are so many unknowns and you basically rely on the stories and experiences of friends and family to dictate your own feelings and thoughts.

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Having Faith Through Pregnancy

Having Faith Through Pregnancy  Pregnancy is such an exciting time….. Well, for the most part it is because we just can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy. But then we get hit with all the side effects of pregnancy, which is why most women end up hating being pregnant.

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