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Almond Berry Protein Muffins

I find that most of people’s problems are that they don’t EAT ENOUGH in an attempt to “Diet”. Its that skewed mentality of I need to basically STARVE myself in order to lose weight. But it’s actually quite the contrary.

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Almond-Cinnamon Topped Protein Muffins

Every Sunday I bake a few healthy snacks so that I can be prepared for the week.  This really helps me stay on track during the week and helps me prevent cravings by having healthy options available. This actually also helps me stay on track on the weekends.

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Healthy Recipe For Fabulous Protein Muffins-Pick Your Spice

Everyday, more and more I strongly believe in following a Gluten-Free diet.  I just think that any food that causes diseases (Celiac) and diseases and sicknesses that can be cured by the absence of the food, should not be a part of our diet. Plus, I find that so many of my followers on My Facebook Page and Pinterest are also enjoying a Gluten-Free life. And since it is so easy these days to follow a gluten-free diet, why not?  You can still eat delicious food and live gluten-free.&nbsp…

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BeFit Muffins Recipe

These are a great snack to use on the go or even to have at home while your kids snack on their food.  They refrigerate great for about a week and they freeze awesome also.   And THEY ARE GLUTEN-FREE!

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