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Exercises To Lift The Butt

Most women spend countless hours at the gym going from “machine” to “machine”, yet they never seem to get leaner, thinner, more defined legs and butt. Is this you? This is what most women are doing WRONG: They don’t have an effective fat loss and muscle toning workout program.

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Best Exercises For Lifting The Butt

Are you self conscious about your THIGHS & BUTT? I used to be, so I wouldn’t wear things that were too short or too tight.   But then one day it dawned on me that I will never be PERFECT but I do work hard and I have seen some major changes in body since doing MMF Monthly Workouts on a regular basis and lifting HEAVIER WEIGHTS and working at a HIGHER INTENSITY.

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Get Lean & Toned With This Workout

 So many women are afraid of lifting weights and its such a shame. Its a shame because weight training is the best type of exercise for getting a tight, toned an defined body. I myself actually lift super duper heavy weight and I don’t feel that I look “masculine” or “big” at all.

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Exercises For Legs & Glutes

Everybody wants to have nice legs, but how do you get them?  Does it take long, extraneous workouts to get lean and toned thighs?  Is it necessary to get on every single leg machine at the gym?  The answer to the last two questions is NO!  And now with my MMF Monthly Workouts available, you can get toned legs and glutes from the convenience of your own home. It is funny because most men do not like to work their lower body, and women want to work their lower body ev…

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The Ultimate Legs Workout: Get Skinnier LEGS

As a WOMAN, I know how important it is to have the LEGS in shape!!!! It’s the part of the body that we are most self conscious about!!!! Part of being a awoman……unfortunately… that we accumulate most of our FAT in the lower extremities.  Luckily we don’t have to be a victim to this!

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