Sandra Bermudez

When I arrived in this country, four years ago, I didn’t know anything about diets or exercise. I thought I was healthy. I started to see people worried about their health and they would spend a lot of time at the gym and after some time had nice bodies. To be honest, I felt depressed because I had tried to gain a slim body. Then I joined Fitness 21. At the beginning I trained myself on the machines. I did all the cardio classes but never saw any results. One Monday, I remember as if it were yesterday, I waited for Michelle to get out of teaching a class. The first step was taking some measurements, then the part I was dreading. She asked me about my eating habits. I was afraid because I was only eating once a day, it was very unbalanced. I was afraid because she told me I would now have to eat 5 times a day. I started to write everything I ate and she would check it. This helped me so much, knowing someone was worrying about me and checking up on me. With every doubt I had and questions or emails I sent, she quickly responded. After 6 months my body was totally different: my arms were strong and toned, my legs were slim, my abs were flat and tight, the best part about it is that I feel better than ever. It has been 7 months and I continue to train with Michelle, and my body keeps changing for the better. I wouldn’t trade these last 7 months for anything in the world. I only have one thing left to say and that is today more than ever I feel so satisfied with Michelle, to her my most sincere thanks and respect.

I gained 9 lbs of pure muscle and lost 7 lbs of pure fat, 6% body fat loss.

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