Is Protein Powder Safe For Pregnancy?

Protein is the most important nutrient for pregnant women.


Well, because protein is what helps the development and growth of your baby’s tissues and organs (including the brain).

It also helps carry blood supply to the fetus.

Protein is incredibly important.

And so many pregnant women have a hard time getting enough protein in their diet because of cravings, aversions.

I mean… I get it…

How much more chicken, eggs, turkey can you stomach.


That is the best news ever for pregnant women.

When I was pregnant, doctors did not deem it safe and I struggled.

Now, doctors are not just saying protein powders are safe for pregnancy, they are actually recommending them.

They know how important it is for pregnant women and how much they are lacking in protein.

How To Pick The Best Protein Powder

Cold Pressed

It should be cold-pressed as this increases the bio-availabilty of the the nutrients which just means your body will actually absorb all the vitamins and minerals from the powder.

When you don’t use good quality cold-pressed powders, its almost like not even having them because your body DOESN’T absorb it.

When formulating mPower Protein for Pregnancy, I made sure that it was cold-pressed because I wanted the quality to be impeccable.

Artificial Sweeteners

It should nor have artificial sweeteners or flavors as those are harmful to the baby.

mPower has no artificial sweeteners or flavors. It is sweetened with Stevia which is approved for pregnancy and it has a very small amount which makes for the perfect flavor because it doesn’t have that yucky after-taste that most protein powders have and it is just the perfect amount of sweet… not too much.


It should be easy on digestion.

So many women already suffer from digestion issues, gas, constipation, bloating.

Who needs more of that… but most protein powders are notorious for that.

So I made sure that mPower was easy on digestion.

It has prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

It doesn’t make you bloated at all.

We’ve had so many ladies tell us that even though most protein powders make them feel bloated and gassy, mPower DOESN’T.

And its sooooo soooo sooooo dang yummy.

Ratio of Protein to Carbs

Most protein powders out there do not have any carbs at all.

This means they cannot be substituted for a meal.

Not good!

If you are having a protein shake or smoothie, you want to make sure it counts as a complete meal so it can save you TIME & MONEY.

Also, since during pregnancy you expend so many calories, you get hungry faster. And when you don’t eat enough or don’t eat enough complex carbs, you tend to have low blood sugar and then CRAVE.

Cravings lead to over eating which leads to EXCESS WEIGHT GAIN.

Not good 🙁

Which is why I wanted mPower to have the perfect ratio of protein to carbs so it could make you feel fuller longer and could save you time and money by replacing a meal.


If you are investing in a protein powder, you may as well kill two birds with one stone.

It should have all the vitamins and minerals you need.

mPower counts as a PRENATAL.

So you can save money on that and just drink one delicious shake or smoothie per day.

Its hard to eat healthy during pregnancy.

But there hasn’t been a more important time to eat healthy than pregnancy because everything you eat affects the baby and eating enough of the right nutrients is CRUCIAL.

So, its a huge peace of mind knowing that by drinking a shake a day, you are giving your baby good nutrients.

Of course, food is always better than any supplement, but because I’m realistic and I know that its even hard to eat healthy when not pregnant…

I know that when pregnant, between cravings and aversions and morning or all day sickness, its very hard to eat healthy and get enough good food in.

So the next best thing is a shake… NOT A PROTEIN BAR…

Those have too many ingredients that aren’t good for you.

But a good quality protein shake like mPower which was formulated for pregnancy, is the next best thing.

If you want to try the BEST TASTING, CLEANEST, all-in-one protein and nutrition supplement created for PREGNANT MOMS… CLICK HERE to get your first mPower…. I know you will be OBSESSED 🙂

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