Reduce Pregnancy Weight Gain with This ONE Tip

I need you to understand the importance of digestion before we talk about weight gain.

Do you have any idea how important the process of digestion is (especially during pregnancy)?

It is actually one of the biggest processes in the body.

Usually, when digestion is off, there is some kind of sickness or illness.

Digestion affects almost everything, even more so during pregnancy.

That is why there is such a huge movement to work on your gut microbiome.

Digestion even affects weight loss or weight gain (which is why this is important during pregnancy if you want to control excess weight gain)

The reason is because when you have too much inflammation in your body, not only can you get sick, but your body CANNOT BURN FAT EFFECTIVELY.

You can literally be working out 7 days a week and trying to eat less, but if your digestion is off, you are basically working against yourself.

Most people are walking around with a ton of inflammation in their gut and then wonder why they can’t lose weight.

But for you, my pregnant friend, this is important because even during pregnancy your body uses calories for fuel, so you are still burning fat and can do so safely while pregnant.

That is actually how you can control weight gain.

But if you have too much inflammation in your gut, you are making even harder for your pregnant body to use fat for fuel. Read about why inflammation is bad, during pregnancy, here.

Want to control excess weight gain, take fish oil and reduce inflammation.

Here’s some things that create inflammation in your gut:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Drinking a lot of caffeine
  • Eating out
  • Eating sugar
  • Eating foods or drinks with artificial sweeteners (anything that says “sugar-free or diet”)
  • Wheat/gluten foods
  • Dairy
  • Eating processed and pre-packaged foods
  • Not eating organic

Pretty extensive list, huh?

Bet you are probably doing one or several of these and if you are, chances are you have inflammation in your gut, the question is how much and how it is affecting your health, your body, and YOUR BABY.

So, the number one way you can reduce inflammation from your diet, is to cut out a lot of the foods above.

But because most people consume a lot of the foods above, it’s that much more important to supplement with something like FISH OIL.

One of the greatest benefits of fish oil is how good it is at reducing inflammation.

It’s one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory supplements.

I take it every single day.

I give it to my kids and husband every single day as well.

It’s one of the top supplements I recommend and encourage all people to take, especially if you are pregnant or postpartum.

I have had tons of clients from when I still worked doing one on one training that changed just adding fish oil and reducing some inflammatory foods and was able to finally see a change in their weight and body.

So, if you have a hard time losing weight, or you keep gaining weight, aside from the obvious exercise and eating healthy… adding a good quality fish oil can be incredibly beneficial.

I will say, that the health benefits of fish oil and what it can do for your overall health.. to me.. far outweighs the power of it helping with weight loss because its that powerful.

But I wanted you to know that fish oil is also a really great supplement that can aid in your fat loss or fitness goals.

If you are not currently taking a good quality fish oil, its time to.

If you are taking one but are not 100% sure if the quality is good, finish it, and then grab your MMF Mega Fish Oil.

Its doctor formulated, medical grade and we use the most premium ingredients and best combo of fish to make the best Omega 3 supplement.

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Probiotics are another supplement that will help with inflammation and gut health. Check out this video for more info!

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