Prenatal Cardio Home Workout


Prenatal Cardio Home Workout


The best kind of workout that you can do while pregnant is resistance based workouts…… weight training or weight lifting, but combined with cardio is the best formula for staying on track to a healthy and fit pregnancy with just the right amount of weight gain.


There are many reasons why resistance workouts are best:

  1. Gain lean muscle (the more muscle you have the more fat you can burn).
  2. Gain lean muscle (speeds metabolism, helps you burn calories faster).
  3. Makes you stronger (less pregnancy induced aches and pains).
  4. Makes you stronger (helps ease and quicken labor and delivery).
  5. Helps you look better (lean muscle makes you look toned and sculpted).
  6. Resistance workouts works the core a lot (way better chances of not getting pooch or way smaller).
  7. Will help you lose your baby weight much faster postpartum because of the muscle.



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prenatal cardio home workout 1Resistance based workouts are what I did in both my pregnancies 3 times a week.

Which is why I made my Fit Mom To Be Workout Program resistance based.

The results are just so good.


It’s crazy to believe, but you really can tone your body while pregnant but the only way is through resistance based workouts.

Cardio alone won’t do it.

So my hope is that you will do a little of both.


I did both during my pregnancies.

Cardio is also very beneficial.


But here is the rule of thumb.


If you have an option or you’re short on time and you have to choose between resistance workout, yoga, pilates, or cardio…… Pick a resistance workout every time!


I probably did 2-3 cardio workouts per week but only for about 20 minutes.

I love doing HIIT workouts.

They burn more calories in a short amount of time and you can still tone the body by doing resistance based movements.


I still do them to this day at home when I can’t get out because of the kids.

I get great workouts in and they are even more beneficial than getting on some cardio machine.


Today, I want to share with you a great prenatal cardio workout you can do at home because  I see in my Fit Mom To Be Private FB Group that the girls are always asking for more cardio ideas they can do at home.

I know for myself that a lot of times if I wasn’t able to workout at home, I didn’t get a workout in. #momlife

So I did a lot of these types of prenatal cardio workouts.


This one works the core too (in a safe way).

I hope you will give it a try.


If you are currently doing  my Fit Mom To Be ProgramPrenatal Cardio Home Workout, you can totally do this on an off workout day.

It’s a good one.


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Prenatal Cardio Home Workout


  • Skiers
  • Side Plank with hip lifts
  • Butt Kickers
  • Incline Leg Raises
  • Lateral Shuffles
  • Plank
  • Running in place


Do each exercise for 30-60 seconds and do them in a circuit fashion with as little rest as you can but make sure to recover your heart rate.

Make sure to go at your own pace and don’t push yourself to exhaustion.



So important, especially when you do cardio.


On workout days, drink more than half your body weight in lbs in ounces.  So if you weigh 200 lbs you should normally drink 100 oz of water but on workout days maybe 125-150 oz.

This will help you with water retention also 🙂


Prenatal Cardio Home Workout Video Demo 




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