Pregnancy Weight Gain & The Scale

I know its hard… I know it’s tempting to weight yourself all the time.

But honestly, weighing yourself so much is just going to drive you crazy.

It will make you do things that will end up hurting you instead of helping.

I know that it’s hard to see your body change so much and so fast during pregnancy.

But here’s the good news and something that most women don’t think about.

Our bodies are SO AMAZING.

They were CREATED for child-bearing and also to go back to normal or EVEN BETTER.

If you do the right things while pregnant, you WILL have a better body than before pregnancy.

I did…. by a lot.

I am in way better shape than before starting to have kids.

And I have had THOUSANDS of ladies who have done the Fit Mom To Be Program who have also seen the same kind of results.

I know that you are focusing on the number on the scale because you are afraid it will take you too long, or it will be too hard…. if ever to get your body back.

But let me tell you right now mama, that you will be able to look even better.

BUT, it will be misery and much harder if you weigh every day.

Listen, we all go through pregnancy differently.

We can all gain a different amount of weight and end up in better shape after baby.

Yes, I gained only 20 lbs. But guess what.. I have had ladies gain 40-50 lbs and be UNDER pre-pregnancy weight within a few weeks postpartum.

So if you are hanging on to a “certain number” please in my FROZEN SINGING VOICE… let it goooo, let it goooo

I’m sorry if my talking about me gaining 20lbs has affected that.

I just want you to know that you don’t have to gain EXCESS weight if you do the right things. But your success isn’t in the number, its in the self-care you do while pregnant. In working out, eating clean, etc.

In the end, the weight will level off.

And if you’ve built muscle and accelerated your metabolism while pregnant through weight training and eating clean, you WILL LOSE YOUR BABY WEIGHT SUPER FAST. You will. I’ve seen it done thousands of times.

Check this out…

This is one of the ladies in FMTB who just had her baby and is talking about the difference between her 2 pregnancies. And granted, she still gained 45 lbs. which is NOT bad AT ALL… and look at how unbelievable she looks just days postpartum.

You see, mama, you don’t need to gain 20-25 lbs in order to have a healthy and fit pregnancy and a great labor and fast recovery.

So, please, stop weighing yourself.

Weighing yourself will make you say something like.. “I’m not gonna eat carbs” and that will just end up in you binge eating. It will bite you in the you know what.

Listen, if you do the right kind of workouts and you are consistent at least 3 times a week and you eat healthy, and moderately, you will do great.

Stop obsessing over the scale.

It means nothing right now.

Every week, every month will be different.

  • Some months I gained 5 lbs.
  • Some months I gained 2 lbs.
  • Some months I gained 0 lbs.
  • Some months I lose 1-2 lbs.

It will level off in the end and you will be fine.

Look at this fit mom to be…

I mean, whose postpartum mom is able to say “I’m skinny”.

You can do this… stop weighing and just do the work, stay focused and consistent.

Weighing yourself is doing more harm than good.

Now look at this Fit Mom to Be…

Look at how amazing she looks… TWO WEEKS POSTPARTUM.

Who cares what the scale says.

  • Just workout.
  • Don’t over eat.
  • Eat healthy.
  • When you indulge, do so moderately.
  • Don’t weigh yourself except at your monthly Dr visits.

And you will be just like these ladies.

I hope you see now how much damage the scale can do to you mentally which will end up manifesting itself physically.

If you’ve been weighing often, I’d love for you to let me know, you can DM me on Instagram @mmfpregnancyfitness.

There is something super freeing about releasing the shame by talking about it and letting it go.

I’d love for you to also commit to yourself and to me that you will put the scale away, stop weighing and just be proactive to doing things that will actually help you.

As Brene Brown says, secrecy makes shame bigger.

We don’t need to be ashamed of our pregnancy body.

Let it out, I’m here to listen and not judge and just gently remind you of what’s better for you.

Love ya, mean it!

Michelle Marie

P.S. If you haven’t yet started Fit Mom To Be, I hope you will be inspired to join us. You have no idea what you are capable of achieving WHILE PREGNANT. Even if you are late in your pregnancy when you do the right things. If you are ready CLICK HERE to start your fit pregnancy journey.. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE 🙂

Here’s a great video about giving yourself GRACE during pregnancy.

If you have been hard on yourself, I think this will help you.


And another one with a short video I did talking about weighing, the scale and pregnancy weight gain. Go Here!

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