5 Easy Steps For 3rd Trimester To Lose Baby Weight Faster

I feel like a cow… I’m huge… These are unfortunate things I get in emails and messages on a daily basis.

It saddens be and its one of the main reasons I am so passionate about helping pregnant and postpartum moms.

​I have seen women go through really hard times during pregnancy and postpartum and it’s why I am on a mission to help women enjoy pregnancy and set themselves up for feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin postpartum.

So, if you wonder why I always talk about weight gain, its because over the last 12 years or so I have seen the impact that not practicing self care has on women during pregnancy and postpartum and I know how to prevent it.

So, call me a nag if you want to, but I will not give up on finding ways to convince and encourage and challenge you and any other woman out there to exercise, eat healthy and practice self-care during pregnancy because the effects of it will be everything for you.

I don’t want you to suffer.

I want you to have a great pregnancy, to feel good and to be a confident mom when baby is here.

So lets talk about a few things you can do even if you’re in the 3rd trimester to set yourself up to be able to lose your baby weight, feel like yourself and be a confident mom, wife and friend.

1. Eat Healthier

Nutrition is everything.

I’m sure you’ve heard before that you can’t out exercise a poor diet.

You can exercise 7 days a week for 3 hours a day but if you are eating poorly, you will see no changes, especially during pregnancy.

I know it’s hard to eat healthy when pregnant between aversions, nausea, and cravings.

But it’s kind of like medicine…

You have to force yourself.

You don’t need to diet or deprive yourself, here are some easy tips.

  • Eat a small meal or snack every few hours so you don’t get hungry and binge or over eat.
  • Make sure to include a protein in every meal to help you feel full and satisfied (will help you eat less).
  • Eat a healthy fat in at least 2 meals a day (will help with cravings).
  • Cut out sugar, processed foods, saturated fats, prepackaged foods, high sodium foods, sodas, juices, gluten and cut down on dairy if possible.

2. Hydrate

Sometimes the brain confuses dehydration with hunger and cravings.

So if you are having lots of cravings and feel insatiably hungry all the time, do a water check.

It may jut be that you are dehydrated.

Drinking more water has helped so many of my pregos be able to eat healthier easier because the “cravings” went away.

You should be drinking half your body weight in pound, in ounces of water.

Carrying a water bottle with you at all times and setting little goals throughout the day of how much you have to drink by certain times will help tons.

3. Exercise

This will be your biggest game changer.

It will be the thing that affects your weight loss postpartum the most.

Weight training specifically will make you gain lean muscle which will help you lose weight SO MUCH FASTER.

Weight training 3 times a week is optimal and will get you great results.

If you don’t have a safe and effective workout program to do, you may want to consider getting the Fit Mom To Be Program.

Not only will you gain strength and prep your body for labor, you can gain half the weight during pregnancy. Check out this post to see how the Fit Mom to Be Program helped these mamas.

4. Supplementation

This is normally important even when not pregnant but during pregnancy its MORE IMPORTANT.

So much of the health of your pregnancy and the growth and development of your baby relies on vitamins and nutrients that because its’ hard to get them all through your diet, its’ important to supplement with high quality vitamins.

We have medical grade, doctor formulated vitamins that are crazy affordable.

Some of these vitamins like B12, Fish Oil and Vitamin D help you balance your hormones and reduce inflammation so that you can burn fat more effectively.

It’s possible to burn fat safely while pregnant and if you can, you won’t gain excess weight.

You can find those vitamins here: https://shop.michellemariefit.com/collections/all-products

5. Sleep

Sounds crazy, but sleep and recovery is just as important as exercise.

Did you know that muscle actually grows during rest?

Your body is doing so much work right now because you are creating life inside of you that it messes with your stress hormone (cortisol).

That will make you gain belly fat as well as make it hard to lose weight, increase anxiety, make it hard to sleep and increase stress.

Not sleeping enough is more stress to the body in a time that your body is already under a lot of stress sustaining pregnancy.

Getting enough sleep will be crucial to helping you not gain excess weight now while pregnant and in helping you lose it postpartum.

If you can, give yourself a bed time.

I still do this today.

My bed time is 10pm.

When 10pm comes, even if I’m in mid scroll or watching TV or anything, I shut it down and close my eyes.

I wake up at 5:30am, so its the only way I can assure I get at least 7 hours of sleep.

Please shoot for at least 7-8 hours per night.

I know this all seems simple, but these 5 things will make a huge difference and maybe now knowing why for each one, it will motivate you to follow through with them.

I hope to see you inside the Fit Mom To Be Program getting tight and toned and controlling weight gain and strengthening and prepping your body for labor.

It will be so worth it!

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Think it’s too late to start working out? Check out this video!

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