Home Pregnancy Exercise Plan

So many women hate being pregnant.  I feel terrible for these women when they talk about “hating” pregnancy so much.  Which is why I want to give you this home pregnancy exercise plan so that you can se how much better you can feel.

Pregnancy is the most precious gift that God gives us.  It is such a blessing to be able to carry your little bundle of joy.  There are also a lot of women who have major troubles getting pregnant, so I feel like women should be grateful that they are given the opportunity to carry a child.


A lot of it is a mind set.  It is important to be positive, grateful and just embrace the whole experience.

But instead, most women fight it.   They complain and all they think about every negative feeling.  It’s like they immerse themselves in a book of “pregnancy symptoms” and therefore feel all of them.


Truthfully, I barely felt any of them, and I think it’s because I told myself I wouldn’t.  I made a decision that when I was pregnant, I was going to feel great, look great, etc.  I didn’t want to be one of those pregnant women that complained about everything, that had every ache and pain and every symptom in the book.  And because I made that choice, that is exactly what happened.


Well, that and the fact that I exercised my entire pregnancies and did my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts.  I also ate super healthy.  I wanted to create the best possible environment for my babies to flourish in.   You know, exercise and nutrition during pregnancy isn’t just good for you. It’s good for the baby as well.  Check this out……

There are so many benefits to exercise during pregnancy that its crazy not to invest a little time, energy and resources into it.  I’m telling you, after myself having done it twice and working with thousands upon thousands of pregnant women, it is a GAME CHANGER.


I can’t tell you enough how many women tell me that the pregnancy that they exercised and did my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts they gained 20 lbs less, had more energy, felt better and lost their baby weight much faster.  I mean, if that is not motivation to get into the gym or workout from home a few days a week, I don’t know what is.


That is why I want to share with you this Pregnancy Workout.  And it is one you can do from home.  Some women love going to the gym and feel more motivated there so I have pregnancy workouts for both.  But some women like to workout from home as well.  Just remember to eat a good meal before your workout to ensure you have plenty energy and fuel for the workout.



By the way, if you are having lots of food aversions, here is a list of foods that will help you.

These are healthy options for when you are “Craving Carbs” and not wanting much “Protein”:  List of Healthy Carbs


Also, if you are having a lot of protein aversions are afraid you are not getting enough protein it, it may be a really good idea for you to have a protein shake a day.


mPower is a protein powder specifically formulated for PREGNANCY.

And not only is it absolutely delicious, it also counts as your prenatal and probiotics.

Protein is essential for your baby’s tissue and organ development.


And it also helps reduce your hunger hormone, ghrelin as well as makes you feel fuller for  a longer period of time and with less food.


I also want to give you something that is going to help you with your PREGNANCY NUTRITION so much.  

Because the reality is that if you can eat moderately healthy, you will gain minimal weight and feel so much better during your pregnancy.  

Less symptoms, less aches and pains, faster labor and delivery and a much quicker loss of “baby weight”.


So here is what I’m going to do for you.  I’m going to give you a NUTRITION GUIDE with exactly what to eat, all the RECIPES, good SNACK OPTIONS, etc. 

 So that you can get an idea of how you should be eating during your pregnancy so that you can be healthy, be creating the best possible environment for your baby, and so that you don’t gain EXCESS WEIGHT so that you are not super uncomfortable all during pregnancy and feeling huge and self conscious.  

And so that you can lose all your baby rather fast postpartum.


Ok, here is a sample Home Pregnancy Exercise Plan that you can do from home.

Home Pregnancy Exercise Plan

Home pregnancy exercise plan


Day 1: 20 minutes of Cardio (power walk or jog or any cardio equipment you may have at home).

Day 2:  Weight Training Workout (sample below).

Day 3:  20 minutes of Cardio (power walk or jog or any cardio equipment you may have at home).

Day 4:  Weight Training Workout (similar to day 2 but changing it up).

Day 5:  20 minutes of Cardio (power walk or jog or any cardio equipment you may have at home).

Day 6:  Weight Training Workout (similar to day 2 but changing it up).


You can also choose o do your weight training workout and cardio workout on the same day.  The weight training workouts shouldn’t take you more than 30-45 minutes.


By the way, I can’t tell you enough how important it is to include some CORE WORK during your pregnancy.  It will help sooooo much with the dreaded “postpartum pooch”.  You know, those women that still look pregnant months or years after having a baby.  


If you don’t train and strengthen those muscles during pregnancy as they are distending, you are going to be in big trouble.  Seriously, I pretty much had a close to flat belly hours after pregnancy.  It looked more like bloat and I credit that to working the core during pregnancy and not letting all those muscles fully distend as well as all my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts I did that always strengthen the core as well as the entire body.


Home Pregnancy Exercise Plan

A1.  20 Plie Squats

A2.  20 Wall Push-Ups

A3.  20 Stability Ball Leg Curls

A4.  20 Dumbbell Rows

A5.  20 Lateral Lunges

A6.  20 Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Rest 90 seconds and repeat 2 more times.

I really really hope you try this.  It won’t take long and the benefits are huge.  You will feel great, enjoy your pregnancy, feel confident and your hubby will be much happier too.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook and check back in on My Pinterest Boards.  I always post new workouts, healthy recipes and a ton of stuff.

I look forward to being your pregnancy coach and if you are not sure where to start and how to put safe and effective pregnancy workouts together, don’t you worry, I will send you my Fit Mom-to-Be Workouts and you won’t even have to think about it 🙂


I hope you will try this short total body pregnancy workout.


Here is another short workout to try, its a pregnancy cardio workout.


I hope to see you inside the Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program.



If you start my pregnancy workout program, I will see you inside the program.  

I have lots of tips for you and I can’t wait for you to see all the videos of the exercises.

Send me YOUR BUMP PICTURES, would be great to compare with after you have your baby….

So you can see how fabulous you will look.  

I would also love to feature you and your beautiful bump.


Send them to michelle@michellemariefit.com


Click here to start the Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program so you can have a really good, safe and effective pregnancy workout plan that you can do for the rest of your pregnancy.


It’s not too late to SLOW DOWN & LESSEN your Pregnancy Weight Gain.

Pregnancy workout promo


If you exercise, you will see a huge change.  

Less weight gain, not as fast and you will feel tighter, more fit, more energetic and less fatigue.

If you don’t want to spend 6-24 months postpartum losing your “BABY WEIGHT”, invest a little time, energy and possibly resources into your health and fitness this pregnancy.  It will be so worth it when you are back at your pre-pregnancy weight in less than 3 months and feeling like yourself again.

If you need guidance, support and a safe exercise plan, you will love my Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program (tested by TENS OF THOUSANDS of pregnant women). 


And you can do it for your entire pregnancy (its not just a 12 week program).Photo Mar 11, 9 26 02 PM

Here is what you can expect:

  • Less Weight Gain
  • Less Stretch Marks and Cellulite
  • Faster Labor & Delivery
  • Faster Postpartum Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Less Aches & Pains
  • Less Chances of Gestational Diabetes
  • Better Sleep


What You Get:

  • Monthly workouts that change every 4 weeks (which delivers the best results).
  • No gym is required (2 versions available: home and gym).
  • Exercise Videos & Pictures of every single exercise.
  • Can view, access and download on any smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • Private Facebook Group for support, community and questions answered by Michelle Marie.
  • Monthly pregnancy nutrition tips to help you throughout your pregnancy.

**Don’t forget to send me your before and after pictures.  I would love to see your cute baby bump and it would be so awesome to see your postpartum progress after and how much your pregnancy workouts helped you.  Email them to michelle@michellemariefit.com**

To start your pregnancy workouts, click here:  Fit Mom-To-Be

Pregnancy Diet Plan

If you are struggling with what to eat and different options that are SAFE for the baby and won’t make you GAIN WEIGHT, you will totally enjoy and get great use of the MMF Pregnancy Diet Plan.

  1. Full Meal Plan for entire pregnancy (know exactly what nutrients you and baby need).
  2. Increase energy & decrease fatigue with the best food combinations.
  3. Easy Kid-Friendly Recipes that will save you time in the kitchen.
  4. Helps reduce cravings so you eat healthier and gain less weight.
  5. Yummy and comforting meals so you can still enjoy eating.


Home Pregnancy Exercise Plan



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