Postpartum Fitness Timeline




Are you eager to get your body back?


I bet you are feeling mixed emotions……


You want to start doing something to start losing the baby weight and feeling like yourself again, but you are so dang tired and you feel like you don’t even have the time or energy.


Am I right or am I right?


I totally remember feeling this way!


You are probably also not sure about what to do and what you can do if you aren’t cleared by your doctor and if you are, you probably don’t know where to begin.


Well, let me help you out a little and give you some guidance.



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0-6 Weeks Postpartum


First of all, there are tons of exercises you can do during your 6-Week Postpartum recovery before you get clearance.


Exercises that will:

  • Strengthen the core.
  • Start flattening out the belly and pulling everything back in to where it used to be LOL.
  • Work the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Help decrease any lower back or hip pain and discomfort.


If you had a natural (vaginal) delivery, you will really need to work on the pelvic floor muscles so take that part seriously……..  Unless you want to be peeing all over the place every time you sneeze, cough or jump (totally happened to me).


In my Better Body After Pregnancy Program, I go into detail through video about what exactly you can do and a super short workout you can pretty much do daily if you want.  And it takes about 7 minutes to do, it helps sooo much to get the belly back to normal.


What is crazy is the massive results you will see and feel in just those 7 minutes 4-7 times a week.


Here are 2 exercises you can do during this 0-6 week postpartum recovery:

  1. Heel Slides
  2. Leg Raises


These 2 exercises from the “Preparatory Workouts Module” of the Better Body After Pregnancy Program, will help you tons with working the Transverse Abdominis, which is the deepPOSTPARTUM EXERCISE TIMELINE lying muscle of the belly that distends during pregnancy.  

These exercises will help strengthen and pull it back in which helps so much with the postpartum pooch.

Better than any crunch you could ever do!


This is a great time to wear a belly band (and like, never take it off for 6 weeks)  LOL

I talk about which ones and how in the BBAPP.


Walking is great to do during this time and something you can do daily with your baby and hubby too!

We used to go out for an hour long walk during the baby’s “witching hour”.

Do you have one of those yet?


It made the baby happy to be out and we got to move and burn some calories 🙂


This is also a great time to focus on your nutrition.

If you do good here, you will start losing that baby weight pretty quickly.


In the BBAPP, I give you a full meal plan with tons of choices for recipes and foods as well as foods that increase milk supply.


Make a meal plan every week and have your hubby get you all the ingredients for the week at the grocery store.

If you have a plan, the chances of you sticking to it are greater than if you just say “I’m going to try to eat healthy”.


And the pounds will literally start falling off.


7-12 Weeks Postpartum


This is an exciting time because this is where you can really start making some amazing changes in your body.


The hard part is making the time to exercise.


The good news is that even 15-20 minute workouts just 3 times a week can make a significant change in your body.


As long as what you are doing is RESISTANCE BASED WORKOUTS, which is what I give you in the BBAPP.


Here is an example workout:


A1.  20 Dumbbell Squat

A2.  20 Dumbbell Presses

A3.  Plank 30-60 seconds

Rest and Repeat 1 more time


B1.  20 Stability Ball Leg Curls

B2.  20 Dumbbell Rows

B3.  10 Leg Raises per side

Rest and Repeat 1 more time


C1.  20 Dumbbell Shoulder Press

C2.  20 Curl & Kickback

Rest and Repeat 1 more time



13-24 Weeks Postpartum


By this time, you should be at your pre-pregnancy weight, if you have followed through with the above.


Now it’s time to kick it in to gear.


At this point you can start doing some CARB MANIPULATIONS (if you are not nursing).

I talk about carb manipulation in the BBAPP, but it’s a super effective strategy to shedding tons of fat and getting super lean.


But you can start cutting carbs from some meals.




If baby is sleeping the night, you can start doing more HIIT workouts for your cardio, and you can do more volume for your workouts.


Meaning, they can be longer, more sets per workout and more intensity (heavier weights).



I hope this gives you an idea of how you can progress your diet and workouts through your 1st postpartum year to see really great results.

As in getting in better shape than you did before babies.


You can do this.





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