Post-Workout Supplementation That Will Get You RIPPED

If you are looking to lose fat and get lean then nutrition should be an integral part of your plan…….hopefully you have a PLAN! If you don’t exactly have a plan and you don’t know where to start, I get it!  It can be very time consuming, especially if you are unsure of what foods are optimal at what times, how to combine foods for maximum fat loss, portion sizes, how to cook, etc.  That is why I decided to put my best practices when it comes to nutrition into one plan that I could use to help people like you.  So if this is you, you either don’t know where to start or you are just too busy to put together a weekly meal plan that you can enjoy and help yo lose fat, you will love my BeFit Moms Meal Plan.  But you can help yourself by having a good post workout supplementation. Post workout supplementation is crucial if you want to have lean, toned, and sculpted muscles

When you perform resistance exercise (weight training), you deplete your body of glycogen, this is what your body uses as fuel for this type of exercise.  If you do not immediately replenish your glycogen stores, you will enter into a catabolic state, which simply means you will be burning the muscle that you work so hard to get.

Your best bet is to replenish your glycogen stores immediately with a protein shake.  Liquid will be a better aid at this time than food because it is more quickly absorbed and you will be meeting the demand for re-hydration.  Make sure that the supplement contains protein, glutamine, and greens.  Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle and in the bloodstream, it also aids with immune system function.  If your goal is to build and retain muscle, glutamine will be a vital part of your post-workout supplementation.  Greens will help you reduce cortisol which is elevated by putting your body in a stressed state post workout.

After intense exercise it is also important to replenish electrolytes, sodium and potassium, these minerals are heavily involved in energy production and are lost in sweat.

This would also be a great opportunity to have your fruit.  If you like fruit and you have cut down on it for fat loss purposes, post-workout is a great opportunity for you to put them back in.  While glucose is rushed back into the muscle in the post workout state, fructose (sugar in fruit), helps replenish liver glycogen stores.  When the body uses all the glycogen it needs from the food that you intake, it will call upon the liver to release glycogen for conversion into glucose in order to meet blood sugar needs.

I know this seems a lot to you, especially if you are not used to taking any supplements. I recommend getting high quality supplements.  This is one place you want to spend your bucks on.  I use the greens from Dale’s, their products are organic, no GMO’s, and 100% natural.  I also use the Protein Powder from Prograde because it is a very good quality as well as good price.  The only thing is you can only get these online, but hey, I guess it just makes it easier. 

Your post-workout supplementation will help you tons with your results so make sure to be prepared when you get to the gym and have your protein drink ready.  Its crucial to have it within 5 minutes of your last exercise.  That is what I tell all the people that do my MMF Monthly Workouts, because it really does make a difference.  

And yes, I have my best workouts available for you too.  I got tired of getting emails from people who workout 3-6 days a week and get no results so I put together my best and most effective workouts into a program and send them to people who are finally frustrated about losing time at the gym with minimal results.  So if you are tired of working out and not getting the right results or maybe just bored of your same routine, you will love love love my MMF Monthly Workouts.  Can’t wait to send them to you.


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