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_MG_1216When you are trying to LOSE WEIGHT and get HEALTHIER.......  Do you eat the same food and meals all the time?

Do you ever get bored?  

Run out of ideas of what to make?

Tired of feeling like you are on a diet with so many RESTRICTIONS?

Tired of having to come up with meals that are healthy enough to get results but good enough for the entire family to eat?

Don't have the time or energy to figure out what to make during the week that is healthy but isn't the typical "DIET MEAL" that is bland and boring?

Need meals that are quick and easy to make because your weeknights are so busy?


I've Got A Solution For You!

But first, let me tell you why what you've been doing will NEVER work!

eat sameI don't care what you say..... If it's easier for you, or you don't mind it, or you like to eat the same thing all the time.  

The reality is that after 2 decades of dealing with awesome people like you, I know that you can't.  

That yes, it may be easier, but you can't sustain that kind of diet forever.  

At one point YOU WILL get tired of eating the same thing and then you end up BINGE EATING or EATING UNCONTROLLABLY for a while.  

It's not worth it!  

Take a little more time and eat a variety of foods.  

Its good for your body and for your mind!

boringMeals like grilled chicken, brown rice and broccoli seem to be a good idea.  They are healthy, bland and easy.  

But the reality is that food is a very PSYCHOLOGICAL thing.  If it doesn't look good, smell good, taste good....  

We won't enjoy it as much.

So what ends up happening is you end up eating MORE after your "healthy bland meal" because you weren't satisfied.  

It's not worth it!  Take a little more time, make a little more effort to make your food enjoyable, tasty, appealing.  

I promise it will help you eat cleaner more consistently and you will get better results.  

You can't eat bland meals like that for a long period of time before you just GIVE UP on eating that way "healthy".  

Healthy can be tasty too and enjoyable, but it does take a little more effort.

not enoughI know you!

I know what you do..........

You are trying to LOSE WEIGHT so you are trying to eat as little as possible.  And since that is IMPOSSIBLE to sustain for a long enough period of time to see results, you end up gaining back the weight (and more) after you lose it.

You wait as long in the morning to eat, you try not to eat late at night.  You go as many hours as you possibly can without eating.

It's worse and wrong!

Eating actually speeds metabolism, it helps you burn more fat.  Eating the right food combinations, that is, like in this E-Book.

So stop trying not to eat.  As long as you eat the right foods and you enjoy them and you eat them in the right amounts and often, you will become a fat burning machine.   


It's the bad food choices that is making you gain weight, the slow metabolism from not eating often and then binge eating.  NOT THE HEALTHY MEALS.

So grab your copy of MMF Weeknight Meals and try it for yourself.

I know you are busy.

I know you probably have a few kids which all have after school activities, you may work, have to look after your house........  It's a juggling act.

Which is even more the reason to HAVE A PLAN.

It's incredibly hard to be able to do what you have to do in order to actually lose weight and get toned and feel good without having a plan.

What I mean by A PLAN, is a plan you have and follow on a recurring basis (the same day and time every week.)

It's hard to cook and eat for 5 times a day and go to the grocery store and make sure you have everything you and your family needs.

If you don't have a plan, it will be too overwhelming.  

You will have too many opportunities to make BAD CHOICES, and that is why it's so hard to see results when you don't have a plan.

I know it takes time and effort and that you may not be as open to doing it because you feel like nothing ever works.

But that is why I made this E-Book.  I did all the work for you.

I found the yummiest, healthiest and easiest meals for you to do make during your busy weeknights.  There is a huge variety so you won't get bored and you can just follow it and not have to think.

But without a plan, it is very hard to see results.

Here Is What You Get Inside This 14 Day Plan

  • Instructions on how to prep daily.
  • Daily Recipes for 14 days.
  • All recipes as super healthy, gluten-free, and easy to make.
  • The perfect meal combinations for optimal fat burning.
  • Every meal is delicious.
  • Master shopping list.
  • Healthy Breakfast Ideas.
  • Healthy Snack Ideas.

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