Michael Davis- Personal Trainer

I’ve known Michelle for over five years. Each year she has continued to grow and expand as a Professional Fitness Trainer. Michelle puts her heart and soul into developing specific fitness programs for each of her clients. She analyzes, researches and initiates a fitness training routine that will allow the client to reach their health and fitness goals.

Michelle also takes continuing education courses in order to stay up to date on the new trends in fitness. This knowledge is then applied to each of her clients. She is not just a personal trainer but also a coach and teacher. She will take clients grocery shopping, and give them suggestions when eating out at restaurants, so that the client can make good nutrition decisions. Michelle gives her clients the ability and information to make life changing decisions in order for them to reach their goals. Michelle understands that personal training is not only the 60 minutes that a client trains with her, but also the time the client is on their own.

Because I trust Michelle’s ability to educate the client and change their lives, I have referred several members to her and will continue to do so.


Michael P. Davis,

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