How To Lose Baby Weight While Exhausted & With A Newborn


How To Lose The Baby Weight while exhausted and newborn
I wanted to have a baby so badly, BUT…………
I was scared.
  • Afraid pregnancy would ruin my body.
  • Afraid I would gain too much weight.
  • Afraid I wouldn’t be able to lose it.
  • Afraid I would never have the time to do what I knew I needed to do to lose it.
  • Afraid my belly would be big and jiggly forever……..  Like my friends and clients……
I was about 25 when I was thinking all these things.
I felt bad for feeling so vain but it was the reality.
I had so many friends having babies and I would see them postpartum and months after and it scared the living crap out of me even more!
They were 4,5,6,8  months postpartum and they still looked 6 months pregnant.
I was horrified.
But why was I being so vain?
I soon realized, its normal and like 90% of women think this way, so if you’re thinking these things, don’t feel bad, don’t beat yourself up. 
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So I decided to do everything I could to have a healthy pregnancy and recover quickly postpartum and be back to myself.
I did so much research and so much talking to other women that were older and wiser and more experienced than me.
And guess what?
It’s possible!
You can lose all your baby weight and more and shortly after having your baby.
How To Lose The Baby Weight while exhausted and newborn
But I know, right now it seems impossible because you are thinking……
“Will I have the time?”
“Will I have the energy?”
“Will I be able to lose this belly?”
“I have too much weight to lose”
“Will I ever have time for myself again?”
“I’ll be too exhausted…”How To Lose The Baby Weight while exhausted and newborn 2
And these are things all women think about while pregnant.
I totally thought about all these things and………
I was petrified that I would never get my body back.
That my husband wouldn’t find me attractive or sexy anymore.
That I would lose myself in nursing and burping and cooking and not find time for me anymore.
So, listen…….   Don’t feel bad about feeling this way.
I asked my private Facebook community of the ladies that do my Fit Mom To Be Workout Program, what their biggest fears were and I’ll show you here what just a few of them said………
All I am going to tell you is that it can be hard because: (honest bomb 🙂
  • You will have less time
  • You will be exhausted for a few months
  • You won’t have as much time for yourself
It can totally be done, you just have to be:
  1. Extremely organized.
  2. Strategic when planning your days.
  3. Take the right supplements.
  4. Do the right workouts depending on how far postpartum you are.
  5. Change your workouts every few weeks.
  6. Follow a diet that will allow you to feed your baby while losing weight.
I did it, TWICE!
And I was really successful, not just getting in better shape then before babies but in making time for me without feeling bad about it, in being confident and making time for everyone and everything in my life, by dodging POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION.
And because I saw so many women have such terrible experiences is why I created my Better Body After Pregnancy Program.
I know so many of you have been patiently waiting for me to launch this, and I haven’t launched it to the public yet and I won’t for  a few more weeks, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to get it first for being a part of my tribe 🙂
How To Lose The Baby Weight while exhausted and newborn 1It’s so much more than a WORKOUT & DIET program.
Like way way more than that.
Your life is going to get so crazy that without me helping you get some things straight, help you get organized, help you find some new and improved routines, it’s sense-less to even try to workout and eat clean.
There are some exercises you can do immediately after having the baby that will help you speed healing and recovery and I want to share those with you.
There are very specific CORE EXERCISES you need to be doing that will help you with the “MUMMY TUMMY” and none are crunches……  I want to share these with you.
The ones that helped me get ABS when I didn’t even have them before babies.
Whether you are still pregnant or are postpartum, you can get this now and feel a little more at ease that you have a plan, a strategy, and accountability partner, a community to support you waiting for you.
So don’t wait until you have the baby, get this now and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy without so much fear 🙂
So excited 🙂
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