Lisa Christofidis

I am 33 years old and work in the fashion industry so as you can imagine image is highly important. As typical women always on the go – work, horses, husband, just life in general. Never making any time for me, the person I saw everyday in the mirror.

It all start one afternoon 5 months ago, I stopped to grab lunch. The next thing I know I have a large pizza sitting next to me in the car. I knew then I had get control of my eating habits and my life in general and drove straight to a fitness club called Fitness 21 and spoke to Michelle, yes the pizza was still in the car. I walked in and said where do I sign up. I was over weight and unhappy with the person I had turned into – so I figured no better place to start then in the gym. Would you like to talk with one of our trainers? At this point I thought probably a good idea – considering I had no idea what to do first, BUT – as it is I still really have little time. So my request was, “who ever you set me up with has to be the best”, I had no time or money to waste. “I need some one who will really keep me motivated, listen and understand what I wanted to accomplish. “Well then I have the right person for you, he said”. Give me a minute. Out he walks with Michelle Valladares, I knew right away she was serious about results, my type of girl. So she started asking me several questions, almost like she was interviewing me. I guess I passed the test because next thing I know I was back at the gym later that day for my 1st session. “That day truly changed my life forever.”

As of today I have lost 21 POUNDS AND 26.25″ and went from a size 10 to a size 2 all in just 5.5 months. I have more energy than I ever had not to mention I am more confident than ever both personally and professional. I’ve never felt or looked better. My friends and family have noticed the difference and my husband says I’ve never looked better and that is a compliment since we have been together for 12 years. I am happier, healthier and have a better attitude and out look on things in general and am also more productive at work. What more could you ask for?

My deepest sincere thanks to Michelle, who is very special person to me; not only is she my trainer but she is my friend. She has not only helped me transform my body, but also my mind. She has taught me not by working out alone will you achieve your results, but by eating right will you achieve your goals. It is truly is amazing that one person can help you change your life forever. I am very thankful and proud to have the best personal trainer in town.

Michelle, I want to thank you for all of your time, patience’s and most importantly your dedication and guidance that help me achieve my goals. I look forward to were I will be in another 6 months. You are truly the best!

With Much Thanks and Appreciation,


Goal 1 – Reduce body Fat
Lost 20 pounds!
Lost 20 inches!
Lost 7% body fat!
Went from a Size 10 to Size 2


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